Deed transfers: April 22-28, 2019

Published 6:52 pm Monday, May 6, 2019

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of April 22-28, 2019.


April 22

  • BTZ Farm LLC to Pungo Farm LLC, 15.85 acres, N.C. Highway 99 and Mad Calf Lane, Pantego Township.
  • Michael Warren to James C. Chiravelli, property on Charlotte Street, Washington.
  • Edward J. Moss Jr. to Nancy J. Moss Revocable Trust, property on SR 1901, lot 5, Richland Township.


April 23

  • Gloria B. Vick to Gloria B. Vick, 1.02 acres, Washington.
  • Lloyd Ray Manning to Irene A. Sloane, property on N.C. Highway 32, Long Acre Township.
  • Jared Kent Hamilton to Heather Foster Hamilton, lot 3, block B, Arbor Bluffs, Washington Township.
  • State Employees Credit Union to Secu*re Inc., lot 43, Long Point Landing, Washington.
  • Moses W. Moye to Audry Hunter, property at East 11th and Nicholson streets, Washington.
  • Gloria Williams to Trisha Ricks Williams, property in West Acres, Chocowinity Township.


April 24

  • Joseph P. Opera to S&D Properties LLC, lot 6, block A, Iron Creek Commons, Washington.
  • Foster J. Salotti Jr. to Donald S. Franken, .363 acres, East Bay and Croatan streets, Belhaven.
  • Carmen Lee Dawes to John R. Altizer, .20 acres, parcel D, East Main Street, Belhaven.
  • Shavender Investments LLC to David D. Butcher, 2.18 acres, Long Acre Township.
  • Jack Alligood to Stephen Richard Poole Jr., 1.25 acres, Bath Township.
  • Mary C. Jefferson to Lee Ann Greene, property at Pantego and Harbinger streets, Belhaven.
  • Jori T. Golden to Saif M. Alsanaani, lot 100, Northgate, Washington.
  • Clay W. Campbell to Barry F. McAllister, 1.04 acres, Washington Township.
  • Katie Poe Windley to Susan Denise Jones, lot 3, Tranters Run, Washington Township.
  • Howard D. Robertson to Joel Walter Larcombe, lot 19, Camp Leach Estates, Bath Township.


April 25

  • Edgar W. Denton to William G. Garner, lot 2A, .028 acres, Bath Township.
  • Nolan Alligood to Betty Alligood, two tracts, 24.68 acres, 2.93 acres, Long Acre Township.
  • Elizabeth B. Parsons to Ray Lynn Bowen, 2.25 acres, Bath Township.
  • Rayford Lilley & Sons Inc. to Earl E. Tetterton, lots 14-15, block H, East Eighth and Aycock streets, Wanoca, Washington.
  • Leanne Moore Fulcher to Paula Biggers Woolard, lot 7, block F, Forest Hills, U.S. Highway 264, Long Acre Township.
  • PennyMac Loan Service LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property at Cypress Shores Road, River Road, Long Acre Township.
  • Paul E. Mizell and Abbie Mizell Barfield, 1.257 acres, Ward Road, Long Acre Township.
  • William Christopher Hopkins to Summer Cordon Hopkins, property at Outlet Road, Bath Township.


April 26

  • Daniel E. Bradley and Gary C. Roberson, lot 5, Bay Lake, Chocowinity Township.
  • Ronald S. Bonner to Ronald S. Bonner, lot 1, Evergreen Estates, Chocowinity Township.
  • Eagle Trace Master Homeowners Association to Anna F. Evans, lot 71, Eagle Trace, Richland Township.
  • Dwain Kevin Swanner to John Bryant Venters Jr., 1.098 acres, Chocowinity Township.
  • Charles F. Cherry to Jasper Thomas Beavers Jr., property at Crystal Beach Estates, Richland Township.
  • Dwight D. Magee to Shawn L. Magee, lot 191, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Harry S. Tubaugh to Brian H. Miller, lot 17, Woodsfield, Long Acre Township.
  • Brittany Taryn Martel to Joshua Brett Jones, property at N.C. Highway 171.
  • Beaufort County to Aaron D. Gillispie Jr., .54 acres, Chocowinity Township.
  • Michael E. Cole to William Turner Jr., 10.3 acres, New Heart and Three Angels lanes, Chocowinity.
  • William G. Woram Jr. to Ramona Woram Waters, two tracts, JE Winslow’s Summit Avenue and 12th Street, Washington.
  • Mark Wade Edmonds to Edward C. Casey, lot L-2, Washington.
  • Joshua J. Moffitt to Jessica L. Preece, lot 52, Northgate, Washington.
  • Kenneth T. Greenwood to Wentworth Construction LLC, lot 240, Cypress Landing.
  • Wayne B. Everett to George J. Casey II, 2.064 acres, Bath Township.
  • Richard C. Wamsher to Kimberly B. Murray, two parcels, Jones-Bennett Road, Public Road, Richland Township.