Write Again … It was always you

Published 2:33 pm Sunday, May 19, 2019

It was a very nice day in early May, the temperature in the high seventies to low eighties. Perfect.

There was a delightful breeze, and at that moment there was no place I’d rather be than on our wonderful waterfront. How truly blessed we are to have such a place as Stewart Parkway and Festival Park.

As many of you know, people from near and not so near come to our little town’s waterfront. It’s a destination place now. And they really love it, just being there, whether walking or just sitting. Just soaking it all in.

That particular day which I first mentioned was a very special day for two families and their friends.

You see, they were all gathering for a wedding. The young, pretty bridesmaids in their vibrant colors — it seemed there were no two dresses of the same color — and the young groomsmen in their tuxedos all looked so nice.

As the time for the wedding ceremonies drew near, there was beautiful, haunting music wafting through the air.

A small, tastefully appropriate sign near the sidewalk simply told that the area was reserved for this special occasion.

Once the chairs were all occupied just a few minutes before five, I would be confident in estimating the attendance at 150 people. At least.

The bride arrived in a red Mustang driven by, in all probability, her father.

And shortly after her arrival, the ceremony began. All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and then the bride and her escort, would walk past a large sign that said, so simply and poignantly, “It was always you.”

The scene was touchingly lovely, the music, as I mentioned, beautiful. All of which truly seemed idyllic.

Two young people embarking upon their journey together through life.

May their union be blessed. For them this day will become a beautiful memory, one they will cherish for all the days and years to come.

May it be so.