Two more asked to join Columbia 5-year planning effort

Published 6:06 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Columbia Board of Aldermen on May 6 invited two more individuals to join in forming a local committee to assist in creating the town’s five-year economic development plan.

The plan will be designed to provide general guidance for town activities during the 2020-25 time period.

Victoria Barber and Kim Wheeler are to be asked to join 10 others on the proposed committee.

Barber is to represent the local Concerned Citizens Group. Wheeler, director of the Red Wolf Coalition, will speak for ecological interests.

The following persons have agreed to serve on the committee as representatives of the entities named: Lloyd Armstrong and Hal Fleming, board of aldermen; Barbara Spencer and Janet Walker, planning board; Karen Clough, chamber of commerce; Oliver Holley, board of education; Lauren Nelson, Eastern 4-H Center; Major Shively, sheriff’s office; James Stehlin, parks and recreation; and Marlene True, Pocosin Arts.

Mayor Cahoon will chair the committee.

Some of the subjects aldermen discussed last year in a workshop were hotel or motel recruitment, zoning ordinance enforcement, business vacancies, overcoming “defeated” attitudes following hurricanes, surface water drainage, park maintenance, replacing Christmas decorations, and removing abandoned vehicles.

The Main Street and Rural Planning Center within the NC Department of Commerce will furnish staff for the local committee.

Columbia’s current 10-year planning document, Vision 20/20, was adopted in 2008.