Write Again … A sad commentary

Published 6:51 pm Friday, May 24, 2019

As you know, Memorial Day is Monday.

And also, as you know, this annual observance began right after the Civil (nothing about it was “civil”) War, as Decoration Day, when ladies would place flowers at the graves of those who lost their lives during that horrible conflict.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day (formally called “Armistice Day”) are our nation’s two days set aside for remembrance and gratefulness, with observances that take place across our land from sea to shining sea.

The sad thing, however, is that most people never attend these observances, most which only last an hour or so.

To most, these holidays are for just about any activity but pausing and reflecting upon the sacrifices made by different generations over the course of our country’s journey. At the very least, it’s a sad commentary about our national character.

For any of us to have an appreciation of and for those very special dates in our country’s history, we have to know our country’s history. Or at least a little of its history. Yet it seems that just a little, or not much at all, is just what so very many know. A nation of history illiterates.

Such a statement in no way is meant to imply that many of our younger citizens are lacking in intelligence. In no way. They just don’t know, aren’t interested in, such things as our nation’s history.

The fact that I have had an almost life-long interest in American history, and especially have I read copiously for decades just about anything I could obtain about World War II, doesn’t mean I feel others should do the same. Yet, that so many know nothing of this period, nor about any other crucial time in our country, is worrisome, at best.

So it goes.

I’ll see you Monday, 11 a.m., at Veterans Park.