Eastern Dermatology and Pathology wins 6U baseball tournament

Published 4:56 pm Thursday, May 30, 2019

WASHINGTON — In the scorching hot summer heat and humidity, the Eastern Dermatology and Pathology 6 years old and under baseball team won the end of the season tournament, 14-10, Wednesday afternoon at McConnell Sports Complex.

At the coach pitch level, the little sluggers had three swings from their coach’s pitches before placing the ball on a tee. The tykes kept hitting the ball and scoring runs until the one-hour time limit was reached.

“The season started in March,” head coach Mark Lilley said. “That’s when we started practicing and stuff. We had 12 games, we went 10-2 during the season and won both of our tournament games, one yesterday and this one today.”

Coca-Cola and Rutledge Storage sponsored the other two tournament teams that also received trophies Wednesday afternoon. The Coca-Cola team received regular season runner-up while the Rutledge Storage team won the regular season by going undefeated. Their lone loss came to Eastern Dermatology in the championship game of the tournament.

COCA-COLA TEAM: (Second place regular season)
(Pictured) Davis Rogerson, Noah Shank, Brandon Ward, Leyton Warren, Travis West, Wyatt Williams, Caleb Woolard, Kalil Congleton, Jaxon Folk, Wesley Harrison, Brody Jackson, Samuel Massie, and Kaleb Munday. (Mitchell Thomas / Daily News)

“Man, I’m so super excited for these kids,” Lilley said. “I had the youngest team out here. All these team’s are pretty competitive, we lost to both of them in the season.”

Brayden Capehart was awarded the sportsmanship award for the Eastern Dermatology team.


RUTLEDGE MINI STORAGE TEAM: (First place regular season, second in tournament)
(Pictured) Aurthor Wood, Cassidy Moore, Kaden Rushton, Gavin Gerard, Motley Davies, Mason Ange, Nick Coiden, Greyson Gautrer, Celton Cherry, Dylan Barraza, Parker Davenport, Blayne Holland. (Mitchell Thomas / Daily News)