Bath Elementary students practice etiquette at spring tea

Published 6:37 pm Tuesday, June 4, 2019

SPRING TEA: Second grade students at Bath Elementary School participated in the second-annual Spring Tea. This tea party is the culmination of a variety of activities and lessons encompassing appropriate etiquette and manners to use at school and in social settings. Several eighth grade students conducted hands-on lessons on proper table setting techniques, table manners, and the correct way to escort a guest. Second graders, dressed in their “Sunday best,” implemented all their new etiquette skills during the Spring Tea where they were each joined by a special guest. Students and their guests enjoyed finger foods and punch while participating in lively table conversations. Later, everyone engaged in opportunities at the photo booth. Pictured above are  Hannah Bogenn, Phyllis Guill, Raegan Bogenn and Craig Bogenn. Pictured below are  Henley Pake and Waverly Waters.

(Bath Elementary)