Blounts Creek home straddles point between creek and river

Published 1:11 pm Saturday, June 8, 2019

Every room has a view.

It’s an easy feat to accomplish when your home is on a point, nestled into a small cluster of homes at the base of the old Blounts Creek bridge.

For 12 years, this is where Cathy and Wayne Nicholson have made their home, on Mouth of the Creek Road. Built in 2006, the three-bedroom house has three decks and a sunroom, two docks — one with a boat lift. It’s an efficient home: 6-inch walls mean low utility bills, and the energy efficiency extends to a new HVAC unit installed this year. It’s spacious both inside and out—outside, it sits on three lots, covering 1.5 acres, that span the width of the point. On one side is the Pamlico River; on the other, is Blounts Creek.

And everywhere there’s a view.

INSIDE/OUTSIDE: Walls of windows in the sunroom allow visitors to experience nature from a comfortable setting.

“I work from home, so I’m able to enjoy views from anywhere I am in the house. I see fantastic sunrises. I see pairs of bald eagles out my window. I watch osprey build their homes and raise their children out my window. There’s a ton of wildlife here,” Cathy Nicholson said.

Inside, the living room ceiling rises to 19 feet, vaulted windows invite the river, the creek and the expanse of blue sky inside. An open living/dining/kitchen area makes a seamless transition to the sunporch, and from there, to the deck.

It’s a quiet spot. And it’s bound to get even more quiet. NCDOT has plans to tear the old wooden Blounts Creek Bridge down within the next five years and move the bridge altogether, rerouting access to the point. In the near future, what little traffic currently existing on Mouth of the Creek Road will be nonexistent.

WATERSCAPE: A deck off the home’s sunporch provides a view of the Pamlico River looking downriver.

The Nicholsons chose to build on this unique spit of land for a variety of reasons, but it was Wayne Nicholson’s childhood experiences that brought them home to Blounts Creek.

“He’s originally from Williamston so his parents would bring him down here fishing when he was a little boy,” Nicholson said. “He obviously had a love for this spot and he was kind of amazed that he was able to get this spot, because it was such an important part of his childhood.”

Sunrises over the Pamlico can be watched from any room in the house, from the master suite downstairs and the two bedrooms upstairs; sunsets over Blounts Creek can be viewed from the same. They’re just one more part of nature’s constant show for those who share this land.

And everywhere, there is water. An active family — her children, his children, their grandchildren — the Nicholsons spend much of their time on the exploring the waterways, skiing, fishing and boating.

MORNING GLORY: Sunrises over the Pamlico River offer a palette of pinks for the early riser at 2401 Mouth of the Creek Road in Blounts Creek. (Cathy Nicholson)

“Our kids love it. Their kids love it,” Nicholson said.

It’s the type of place that draws one in and doesn’t let go, according to Nicholson.

“It seems like people transplant here, and they do tend to stay,” Nicholson said. “All of these people, though not originally from here, they’ve been here a long time.”

The Nicholsons have enjoyed every bit of their time in this idyllic spot, but aging relatives in the western part of the state are urging the couple back to Cathy Nicholson’s home near Asheville.

“Fortunately, Wayne loves mountains just as much as much as me and luckily it’s another beautiful part of the state,” Nicholson said.

2401 Mouth of the Creek Road is for sale through Century 21. For more information about this home, call Alexis Davis at 252-702-9697.

CATHEDRAL: Cathedral ceilings and vaulted windows invited the outdoors inside. Sunrises and sunsets can both be watched from this room.