Deed transfers: May 27 – June 2, 2019

Published 10:53 am Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of May 29 – June 2, 2019.


May 28

  • Roger L. Bragg to Little Jimmie Boykin Jr., property in Beaufort County.
  • Susan M. Martinez to Jason Scott Harrison, 11.79 acres, Washington Township.
  • Terry Gene Casey Sr. to PCS Phosphate Company Inc., .5 acres, Richland Township.
  • PCS Phosphate Company Inc. to Terry G. Casey Sr., 1.22 acres, Richland Township.
  • John Hubbard Stallings to Jackson Storm Lancaster, .702 acres, River Road, Washington Yacht & Country Club, Long Acre Township.
  • Dwain Keven Swanner to John Bryant Venters Jr., 1.5 acres, Chocowinity Township.
  • Hubert B. Donohue to Joseph E. Hollard, lot 2, Windsong.
  • Eva E. Dixon to Eva E. Dixon (tr), lot 31, block 9, Crystal Beach Estates.
  • Eva E. Dixon to Eva E. Dixon (tr), property at Elks Road.
  • Eva E. Dixon to Eva E. Dixon (tr), four tracts, Bear Creek and Main Road; 14 acres, U.S. Highway 264; 1.1 acres and .66 acres N.C. Highway 33.
  • Eva E. Dixon to Eva E. Dixon (tr), 1.5 acres, Beaufort County.
  • Eva E. Dixon to Eva E. Dixon (tr),.850 acres, Bennett Road and Elks Lane.
  • Eva E. Dixon to Eva E. Dixon (tr), two tracts: 17 acres, 78.33 acres.
  • Jackie Norman Tetterton Jr. to Patsy G. Sprouse, 1 acre, Asbury Church Road.


May 29

  • Perfecto M. Martinez to Angela M. Flowers, 16.31 acres, Washington Township.
  • Frederick R. Jorgensen to Travis J. Rogerson, lot 22, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Carole H. Raiford to Robert B. Hodges, 26.03 acres, U.S. Highway 17, Washington Township.
  • William E. Wright to Tyrone Marvin Smith, two tracts, Richland Township: 2.135 acres at Maple Road and 1.84 acres, Holliday Hills.
  • Jeffrey W. Bowers to Lauren C. Millwood, .269 acres, Pamlico River.


May 30

  • Nathan K. Nickolisen to Braxton Lee Latham, lot 17, Teach’s Cove, Bath Township.
  • Walter B. Gerard IV to Jeffery Williams Bowes, .576 acres, lot 2, Catnip Point, Bath Township.
  • Kevin S. McRoy to Franklin Maurice King Jr., lot 32, Pirate Cove, Long Acre Township.
  • Cornelia Sharpe to Jenny E. Winfield, property at Charlotte and Seventh streets, Washington.
  • Anthony B. Martin to Edne Faye Gladson, two tracts, .62 acres, 1.602 acres, Beaufort County.
  • Joseph O’Neal to Rosella Faniel, lot 16, Pine Street, Delta City, Pantego Township.
  • Diana E. Watson to Diana E. Watson (tr), two tracts: tract 1, at Seth Hodges Road; tract 2, 1 acre.
  • Diana E. Watson to Diana E. Watson (tr), property on Elks Road, Chocowinity Township.
  • Gerald H. Perry Jr. to John H. Heath, .75 acres, lot 4A, block F, Pamlico Village, Long Acre Township.
  • Deborah W. Price to Burt H. Simons, lot 52, Sherwood Forest, Long Acre Township.
  • Guy G. Campbell III to Susan Zachary, lot 5, block E, The Willows, Washington.
  • Donald R. Hodges to Hodges Revocable Living Trust, two acres, Beaufort County.
  • Henry Obremski to Charles Loignon, lot 89, Cypress Landing.


May 31

  • Premium Carriers Inc. to Edgar W. Selby, property at Woolard Road and Back Creek, Bath Township.
  • Frederick Marvin Alligood Jr. to Edward F. Hill, tracts 7-10, Long Acre Township.
  • Rosa L. Mallison to Bean Property LLC, four tracts: Second Street, Market Street, Eighth Street, Washington.
  • Rita Wilkerson to Bean Property LLC, property on East Second Street, Washington.
  • Martha Woolard Gurganus to David Lee May, .750 acres, Long Acre Township.
  • John R. Hardison to Harry Rex Burnworth Jr., 1.09 acres, Bath Township.
  • Montrae Tatum to Hal Curtis Potter III, lot 7, Richland Township.
  • Wilma Warren Moore to Glen Warren Moore, lot 5, block A, Kingswood, Washington.
  • Peter E. Ross to Sarah J. Baker, lot 1, block A, Smallwood, Washington.
  • Joseph Alpheus Lewis to Hilton Lee Lewis, two tracts, Kelly Road: tract 1, 24 acres; tract 2, 12.5 acres.
  • Roselyn Stancil Brown to Martha D. Whritenour, lot 85, Bayside Shores, Chocowinity Township.
  • Shakeria B. Lomax to Shakeria B. Lomax, lot 1, Lilley Meadows, Washington Township.
  • Michael Ray Walker to Stacy Vander Meeden, property at East 14thand Nicholson streets, lot 167, Hudnell’s Bragaw-Blount, Washington.
  • Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Anthony Wayne Snodgrass, property at Tooley Street, AB Cuthrell, Belhaven.
  • Warren C. Webster to Charlene H. Loope, lot 3, Cypress Ridge, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Tracy H. Stroud to Alvis Boone, lots 9-11, block 11, Crystal Beach Estates, Richland Township.
  • Edward V. Swindell to Kenneth Powell, .91 acres, Bath Township.
  • Clarence Artie Rawls III to Fishing Creek Properties, property in Chocowinity Township.
  • Oscar Levi Moore to Jose Martha Zeferino, property at Fourth and Van Norden streets, Washington.