Washington Karate Academy’s 34 years of excellence

Published 6:00 pm Monday, July 1, 2019

On June 15, the Washington Karate Academy had its 34th anniversary for its years of service to the city of Washington and surrounding cities in Beaufort County. David Warren Hanshi, chief owner and operator of Washington Karate Academy has shared his time and skill to countless students over the past 34 years to students in Washington, as well as Belhaven and Pantego on the weekends.

During the anniversary’s get together, many students, as well as special guest, Steven Wood from the Wai Tai School of karate, gathered at the dojo to celebrate Warren’s dedication to the art and practice of Shorin Goju Ryu Karate.

WKA black belts Joshua Chandler, Dave Barber, Greg Berry and Jazmine Vega, along with WKA brown belt Steve Bowden, green belt Leanna Hudson and white belts Samantha Beecham, Logan Reason and Mena Tankard, participated in illustrations. They practiced self-defense techniques and katas from Shorin Goju Ryu tradition of karate for friends, family and special guest. Wood is a sensei, the 6th Dan of the Wai Tai School of Karate. He brought his students Taylor Boston and Journey Lee with him, and they demonstrated three Bo Staff Katas and several-defense techniques from the Wai Tai tradition of karate.

PROMOTED: During the 34th-anniversary celebration, David Warren Hanshi promoted student Mina Tankard to Juichi Kyu white belt.

The celebration illustrated unique aspects of each tradition of karate, while also highlighting similarities in both styles, allowing students of each tradition to learn from the other. The sharing of techniques and philosophies from each tradition made for a rich exchange of knowledge between the two schools of karate.

“We had a great time and a good turn out from parents, family and visitors,” Warren said.

It exemplifies Warren Hanshi’s devotion to teaching the art of karate to the community, as well as Wood’s to his community. Warren has given many demonstrations in public schools and at summer festivals from 1983 to 2012.

To join the Washington Karate Academy, like and send them a message on their Facebook page. Children aged 7 years old to adults are welcomed. The academy will aim to help you improve your center, coordination, stamina and speed while building confidence. The first two classes are free of charge. The academy meets twice a week on Monday nights at 6:30 p.m. and Thursday nights at 6 p.m.

SELF-DEFENSE: Students from Steven Wood’s Wai Tai school of Karate, Taylor Boston and Journey Lee, demonstrate a bo-to-bo fighting self-defense mechanism.