Street improvements coming for Washington

Published 6:37 pm Monday, July 29, 2019

Seventeen stretches of Washington roadways are slated for resurfacing in coming months. The projects are currently out for bidding and Washington City Manager Jonathan Russell says city council will likely approve a bid during its August meeting.

“It’s not really focused on one particular road,” Russell said. “It’s ranked on priority of condition. It’s 3.6 miles that will be resurfaced, and it’s a pretty equal application throughout the city in different sections. So hopefully that will improve some of the road surfaces and travel throughout the city.”

The following streets are scheduled for improvement in the coming year:

  • Iron Creek Drive from Iron Creek Commons to Cedar Lane (patches)
  • West Martin Luther King Jr. Drive from Bridge Street to Pierce Street
  • Grimes Road from Plant Street to dead end
  • Whispering Pines Road from Grimes Road to U.S. Highway 264 West
  • Bridge Street from West Seventh Street to West Ninth Street
  • East 13th Street from Market Street to West 15th Street
  • Summit Avenue from West 14th Street to dead end
  • Arrowhead Trail from Panticough Drive to dead end
  • West 14th Street from Summit Avenue to Respess Street
  • North Bonner Street from West Fifth Street to West 15th Street
  • Simmons Street from Pennsylvania Avenue to dead end
  • Hillside Drive from Camelia Drive to Forest Drive
  • Hackney Avenue from West Fifth Street to West Third Street
  • West Third Street from Bridge Street to Hackney Avenue
  • Van Norden Street from Rodmans Road to West 16th Street
  • East Tenth Street from Bonner Street to MacNair Street
  • East Main Street from Park Drive to Havens Street
  • As these projects get underway, work schedules will be included in the Daily News to help local residents prepare for possible street closures.

“Some are in residential areas that are minor roadways, but some are major thoroughfares,” Russell said.