Arts of the Pamlico seeks monsters and shadows for October art shows

Published 7:26 pm Friday, August 9, 2019


Washington Daily News

Local artists, both experienced and novice, will have the opportunity to dig into the darker side of their imaginations for the Turnage Theatre’s October exhibits.

Arts of the Pamlico is seeking submissions for two shows in October: “Monsters & Mythical Creatures Art Show” and “Casting Shadows Photography Exhibit,” both accepting submissions Oct. 3-5. Now open to artists 16 years old and older, AOP is hoping the smaller show will bring in new talent.

“Up and coming artists are more willing to do a smaller shows than they would a bigger annual show,” AOP art exhibits and events coordinator Thad Aley said. “And so there’s not as much pressure, and it’s a little more relaxed.”

The “Monsters & Mythical Creatures Art Show” will feature both 2D and 3D works with a variety of mediums and artistic styles, except for photography. With the addition of mythical creatures, the theme offers flexibility for those who may not want to exhibit a spooky scene.

“We really encourage a lot of our 3D artists out there to let us see what they see,” Aley said. “But with this one, the question is, is it a mermaid? Is it a fairy? Or is it the guy underneath the bed?”

The “Casting Shadows Photography Exhibit,” on the other hand, is an opportunity for artists to play with the use of shadows and contrast during the longer fall days.

“We typically do one big juried photography show, which is on exhibit now, yearly, and beyond that, there’s really not much for our photographic artists,” Aley said. “We’ve been pushing and celebrating a lot of the other 2D and 3D art, (I figured) that it would be nice to celebrate our photographic works as well.”

Artists can submit up to three pieces for each show. The three first-place winners, including two for the art show in the 2D and 3D categories and one for the photography exhibit, will each receive $75, while placement winners will receive a ribbon.

For Aley, every art show is a new occasion to challenge local artists to expand their imaginations, and October is the perfect month to play with creativity and fantasy.

“It’s kind of to challenge our artists, but also to challenge our guests that come to the gallery to understand the art comes in many different forms and themes and age groups,” Aley said. “That’s why we’re doing this, is to expand everyone’s knowledge about art.”

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