Local massage therapy business hosts free Reiki event

Published 7:25 pm Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Washington Daily News

Reiki is slowly making its way to Washington, and locals will have a chance to learn more about the practice during a Reiki Circle on Thursday.

Renew Massage Therapy & Wellness will be working with Cassie Taylor Flowers to host a free Reiki Circle on Thursday 6:30 to 8 p.m. The community event, located at 138 S. Market St., will be the perfect occasion for beginners to learn about the practice in an intimate, but casual environment.

“Reiki is something that we all have access to,” Taylor Flowers said. “It’s something that’s inside of all of us — we just aren’t aware of it and most of the time don’t know how to use it. So I’m going to show everyone how to tap into it and then give them the freedom to move the energy within their body to wherever they feel like they need it.”

According to Taylor Flowers, Reiki is the purest form of love and manifests itself as a form of energy that can be given or received. Similar to praying for someone or wishing someone well, Reiki is a feeling of peace, healing or love.

“It’s the feeling that you get when a child takes your hand, or when you look at someone that you love,” Taylor Flowers said. “It’s the drive that we all have to keep going through this messy, crazy world. And it’s just this inner energy that connects every single one of us to everyone else and to everything else.”

The Reiki Circle at Renew Massage Therapy & Wellness will begin around 6:45 p.m. Thursday with an explanation of Reiki and guided meditation to get the group focused. As Reiki Master, Taylor Flowers will then help the group become aware of the energy and direct it throughout their bodies for physical or emotional healing.

Originally from Wilmington, Taylor Flowers started practicing Reiki full-time when she quit her job in property management and decided to live on a sailboat with her husband.

When the two landed in Washington a month ago, she connected with Susan Cahoon from Renew Massage Therapy & Wellness, who offered her a space to organize community events and individual appointments in an effort to spread the practice to Washington.

“I hope that people will come with an open mind and are open to the fact that all of this is love, and in the world today, love is probably the most valuable commodity,” Taylor Flowers said. “That’s all I’m here to do, is to spread more love as far as I can, as often as I can.”

Although the Reiki circle is a free event, donations will be accepted. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes.

For those interested in an individual appointment, visit “Cassie Taylor — Lumerian Lightwork” on Facebook.