Junior golfer sinks hole-in-one

Published 4:31 pm Wednesday, August 14, 2019

If there is one golf accomplishment people wish to conquer — even if they’re not an avid golfer — is to sink a hole-in-one. There are professional golfers on the PGA Tour who have never been able to do what 12-year-old Nash Pippin did last week in Washington Yacht & Country Club’s Summer Tour that ended at Brook Valley.

WYCC has had junior golfers traveling around the area to different golf courses and competing against other junior golfers. On the very last hole, at the last stop of the summer tour, Pippin lined up and took his shot toward the green. Once it reached the green, Pippin said he watched it roll before it dropped to the bottom of the cup.

“It felt good,” Pippin said about the accomplishment. “I just hit it and then my jaw just dropped. I knew it was going to be close (after I hit it) but I didn’t know exactly if it was going in, because I saw it and it was rolling towards the hole and it went in.”

Pippin has only been playing golf for a couple of years, but it seems his time on the course has started to pay off. He agreed that it was cool to know he was able to do something that the majority of people in the world have never done before.

“I was just like ‘wow,’” Pippin said. “I was in shock. My jaw dropped; I couldn’t believe it.”

Pippin said it was likely he’ll be back out competing in the summer tour next year to try and score another eagle on a par-3.

As exciting as the hole-in-one was for the youngster, his focus now changes to football season, where he’ll trot onto P.S. Jones Middle School’s field this season entering the seventh grade. Pippin is also excited about basketball and baseball season.