Three Beaufort County Girl Scouts recognized as High Achievers

Published 10:12 pm Thursday, August 15, 2019


Washington Daily News

Three girls worked especially hard throughout the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program, and they are now being recognized for their accomplishments.

Three Beaufort County Girl Scouts, Serena Dickinson, Gracie Hunnings and Leah Wilkins, were recognized earlier this month as members of the High Achievers Club after selling more than 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. With help from supportive friends and family, Serena sold 5,019 boxes, Gracie sold 5,768 and Leah sold 5,260. Each girl received a plaque, cookie business cards and a letter of recommendation.

“I felt so proud of myself, because I accomplished something that I was trying to work to,” said 10-year-old Gracie of Troop 1016, who has been a Girl Scout for five years. “I celebrated in my mind. I had a little dance party in my room.”

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the main fundraiser for Beaufort County Girl Scouts. According to both Gracie and Serena, Girl Scouts often suffer through unpredictable weather and reactions from the public during Cookie Season, January through March, to sell boxes to the public.

“Some older girls do a big cookie booth at Walmart or Lowe’s, Tractor Supply,” said 14-year-old Serena of Troop 87, who has been a Girl Scout for 10 years. “And those are stressful because you’ll get ignored by some people. Some people will just stop, look at you and keep walking. You’ll say, “Good morning,” and they glare at you.”

Although sometimes stressful, the Cookie Program teaches Girl Scouts essential life skills such as goal setting, people skills and entrepreneurial skills through owning their own business.

“I learned how to do important skills, like I learned how to manage money because I had to count money and stuff,” said Gracie. “And then I had to set my own goals, and that was really fun.”

Once Cookie Season ends in March, the Girl Scout troop uses the funds to do activities with the girls, such as camping trips, self-defense classes and educational trips to historical sites, such as Washington D.C.

Along with activities, the Girl Scout program also emphasizes community service, and Serena has earned a bronze and silver star for her 60 hours of service around Beaufort County.

“For my bronze award, we did Ruby’s Garden. We helped them pass out food, they prepared meals for kids who can’t quite afford them,” Serena said. “Then for my silver award, I did boards, and put them in the bathrooms, and it was like inspirational quotes … at Washington Montessori Public Charter School.”

For both girls, the program’s intense Cookie Season does not compare to the community service opportunities they receive and the activities they take part in on a regular basis, but they are excited to try their best once again next season.

“If any girl is interested, they should join,” Gracie said. “It’s a lot of fun.”