Town ordinance reminder

Published 2:02 pm Friday, August 23, 2019

From the Town of Columbia

COLUMBIA – With frequent afternoon rain showers during recent days, grass is growing faster and lawn mowing is occurring more often. This prompts Town of

Columbia officials to remind residents that grass clippings should not be left on town streets.

Grass clippings that end up on the streets eventually end up in storm drains. This clogs drains resulting in sluggish removal of water from yards and streets.

Residents are asked to rake and bag clippings which will be picked up on Wednesdays and Fridays. Bags of clippings should be left at the curb side for pick up. Residents are encouraged to pass this information on to their lawn care contractors.

No persons are allowed to blow grass clippings onto the streets and leave them there. When necessary town employees will clean up grass and leaves left on the streets and in gutters and access the tenant or property owner a $50 penalty for the infraction as allowed by Town ordinance.