Write Again … To be so blessed

Published 7:12 pm Friday, August 23, 2019

How very fortunate those are who come to know and appreciate the lives of good, decent, caring, responsible people, and count themselves blessed to call such folks friend.

So it is with our dear friend Margaret, who had such a friend. A friend she feels should be remembered, for all the right reasons.

So. Let me ask Margaret to, in her own words, tell you a little of Nellie Faye Clagon (1915-2019).

“Nellie Faye Clagon was a remarkable woman who lived for more than a century, and possessed a great knowledge of our world as it evolved over time.

“She was born in Jones County, on November 5, 1915. Her family farm was granted by the Lord Proprietors, and remains in the family today.”

Friends, we’re not talking just years, or decades, here. We’re acknowledging centuries of ownership.

Margaret said, “Nellie Faye persevered through difficult times, and with her determination and ability, she lived a very successful life.

“She worked in the Purchasing Department at the newly established Camp LeJeune.

“She moved to Washington in 1950, and took great pride in building a home in growing Washington Park. She especially enjoyed the close-knit neighborhood, and her next door neighbor and close friend Polly Rowlett for over 60 years.” Now, that’s a long time.

“Many in our area will remember her from operating the Snack Bar/Canteen at Beaufort County Hospital.

“She took classes at Beaufort County Community College, and became proficient in rug hooking, and making and dressing porcelain dolls.

“Mrs. Ruble (wife of E. Frank Ruble) shared bulbs and cuttings of crepe myrtles and azaleas from her beautiful gardens that still survive in Nellie Faye and Polly’s yards.

“She was a life-long Methodist, and was involved in children’s activities in earlier years, with her young son, Thomas, and later served with the Altar Guild, faithfully polishing brass.”

She always “looked forward to a healthy crop of figs each summer, and making fig preserves.

“She kept current with pop culture and politics through TV. Barbara Walters and ‘The View’ were among her favorites, and she was faithful to Dr. William Friday on Friday nights, and many other programs on WUNC-TV.”

Margaret said that “Nellie Faye’s circle of friends benefitted from her legacy of loyalty and dignity. The friendship of this wise and wonderful lady will always be cherished.”

May it be so.

APROPOS — “Count where man’s (woman’s) glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was, I had such friends.”

— John Keats