Celebrating a universe of stories and a summer of reading

Published 3:22 pm Tuesday, August 27, 2019

From Tyrrell County Library

On Wednesday, August 14, participants in the 2019 Summer Reading Program gathered at the library to eat some ice cream, receive some rewards, and celebrate the end of A Universe of Stories. Every participant in the program that read at least one book during the summer received a certificate of participation, a free book, space themed stickers, pencils, bookmarks, and a Universe of Stories draw-string bag! If a participant reached the half-way point then they received a 3D printed rocket pencil holder and two hand-pump toy rocket-launchers. If a participant between the ages of 2 and 9 completed the full program by reading at least 15 books, they received a DVD, a certificate for a free 3D print job at the library, and the Dr. Seuss book, There is No Place Like Space. Older participants between the ages of 10 and 18 that read at least 7 books with a paragraph report for each book received a similar set of prizes. The only exception for these readers was receiving an Amazon gift card instead of There is No Place Like Space. These prizes and the ice cream sundaes were provided by the Friends of the Tyrrell County Public Library.

At the Tyrrell County Public Library we take education and community building very seriously, our Summer Reading Program is an example of these values. Emphasizing personal enrichment and working towards goals, our program attempts to continue a child’s education during the summer slump. This program also motivates children to reach for the stars… and makes sure they have some fun while accomplishing this! We want our young readers to know that the library is always a welcoming place and that knowledge is power! On behalf of the library staff, we tip our hats to all our young biblionauts for working so hard this summer. We hope to see you next year for a fantasy and myth filled summer while you Imagine your Story!