Southside’s header in final minute earns win over Farmville

Published 5:42 pm Thursday, August 29, 2019

A deadlock for nearly 80 minutes was just long enough to decide the game between Southside and Farmville Central. A header from Jairo Juarez off of a corner kick from Johnathan Hernandez with 45 seconds remaining was the decider in a 1-0 Seahawks victory.

From the jump, the Seahawks attacked the goal off of a Jaguar mistake. Sophomore forward Victor Gonzalaz raced towards goal with defenders behind him but the shot sailed wide.

The Seahawks were in their defensive area for a good portion of the evening, but many Jaguar mistakes were turned into Southside transition opportunities.

The Farmville goalkeeper made multiple athletic saves that could’ve easily slipped inside the posts, but the only breakthrough came from Juarez in the final minute of play.

“It felt amazing, especially with this team, I couldn’t have done it by myself,” Juarez said. “We all learned from our mistakes from last game — which was a tough game — but it was just a perfect corner kick, I had to get it done, man.”

Juarez also credited his defense and the goalkeeper, Johan Prado, for his 13 saves in the contest.

“Our defense was solid, we shut them down quickly and (Johan) did a great job,” Juarez added.

Prado was ecstatic when talking about his team playing with good communication and great defense.

“I saw us play as a very good team with a lot of chemistry with as much time as we’ve put in together. We had good communication and whenever we saw them make a mistake we took advantage of it,” Prado said. “Our (back line) played solid. They talked, they passed the ball, they dropped when they needed to and when I called them off I got the ball. I loved it.”

Head coach Jay Petty was satisfied with his team’s effort, but said they are still working towards getting in game shape.

“We’re still trying to get into good game shape. Were only in the third game of the season, and the boys haven’t got into what I call, ‘good game shape,’” Petty said after the game. “It usually takes about six or seven games into the season to get into good game shape. Conditioning just isn’t the same as a game. I’m really pleased with them pulling it out because I know they were dying.”