Write Again … Some random shots

Published 5:31 pm Friday, August 30, 2019

NEVER HAPPENED — On a couple of occasions over the years I have suggested through this column, and to individuals connected in some way with the Turnage Theatre, that photos and bios of Cecil B. Demille and Murray Hamilton should be prominently displayed on a wall in the walk-through to the actual theater.

Demille is one of the most famous early movie “moguls” of Hollywood who ever lived. Ever. Family members are interred both in the cemetery at St. Peter’s Episcopal church, and also at Oakdale Cemetery.

Hamilton became a noted Broadway, television and movie actor over many years. Both he and his wife, she being part of a popular singing trio, are buried side by side at Oakdale. Murray was also a good athlete at Washington High School.

Nobody paid any attention to my recommendations.

THE HIDDEN WALL — A couple of years ago a decision was made to take up all the commemorative markers of the Washington High School athletic Walk of Fame — where everyone who walked into the stadium would see them — and erect a low wall with them adjacent to the playing field.

Whomever made the decision to do this did not consult the actual Walk of Fame committee. So, what’s the problem, you might ask.

Well, now. The problem is that whenever there is an athletic contest or other event there, people stand in front of the wall, so no one actually sees it. It went from high visibility to almost no visibility. And those who walk over to the south side of the stadium probably don’t even know it is there.

OUTSTANDING — “Washington – The Magazine,” which is published six times a year, and “Welcome” magazine, a yearly endeavor, are truly excellent products.

The former is exceptional in photography, writing, graphics and layout. The ad schedule is impressive, too, which is necessary to offset the costs of such an ambitious undertaking. The latter is done quite well, too.

All of those involved, in the many-faceted enterprise, are to be commended for what they produce. Some while ago I had hoped I might, just might, be asked to write a bit from time to time. Honesty compels me, however, to acknowledge that they don’t really need my contribution. They are doing quite fine, thank you.

ALL IN THE FAMILY — Jim and Vicki Swinson are avid environmental educators who present programs for schools across the southeast U.S. and in other venues too. Jim’s performance pseudonym is “Pamlico Joe” and Vicki is “Clean Water Flow.” They are diversely and wonderfully talented. Music with a message.

Their 30-year-old son, Jake, is a staff member at Blue Jay Point County Park in Raleigh, an environmental educational center.

What a special family.

I plan to be waiting for you here next weekend. Okay?

‘Til then.