Dorian, around the county

Published 7:06 pm Friday, September 6, 2019

The wind was house-shaking at times and the rain bands delivered torrential rain at others, but for the most part Beaufort County was unscathed by the category 1 Hurricane Dorian.

Across the county on Friday, officials said their towns and residents were fortunate to have received minimal damage from a storm that destroyed several Bahamian islands just days before.


Impacts: Trees down, power outages

The entire town of Aurora lost power on Friday morning, but by midday, Aurora Mayor Clif Williams had been informed that the town had moved up to a high priority on Duke Energy’s response list. Blown circuits also temporarily shut down the town’s waste-water treatment center.

“It’s pretty much minimal. We’ve got some trees down on the power lines,” Williams said Friday. “We know we’re going to lose power, it’s just a matter for how long. And, you know, we didn’t lose power until this morning. We thought we were going to make it through!”


Impacts: Minimal damage

According to town Manager Bubs Carson, the preventative work the town did before Dorian arrived paid off. Contractors took care of questionable tree limbs earlier in the week; as a result, the town only lost power for a short period of time.

“It will take us a few days to clean up. We’re fortunate. I would suspect the water stayed several feet lower this time. I’m sure we’ve got some minimal pier damage, boards and stuff, but structural damage — very minimal structural damage. It’s mostly just small debris.”


Impacts: Some flooding, power outages

Belhaven was another town without power Friday morning.

“I think we have the majority of our residents are without power because of downed trees on powerlines,” Belhaven Manager Lynn Davis said Friday morning. “We were spared the flooding, except on Main Street, and the water’s starting to go down. Waiting on the wind to die down, so crews can get out there and it will be safe for them to restore power.”

Davis said the wind was the cause of most Dorian impact for Belhaven. The low-lying town experienced substantial flooding during Hurricane Florence last year, and storm-surge predictions had residents wary of Dorian flooding, though they did not pan out.

“The wind has been the kicker on this one,” Davis said.


Impacts: Minimal impact

Chocowinity Mayor Jimmy Mobley said the town rode through Dorian and experienced no real issues on the other side of the storm.

“As of 6 a.m. this morning, we didn’t have any damage; we didn’t lose electricity,” Mobley said.

Chocowinity has some of the highest elevations in the county, so flooding has rarely been an issue for residents.


Impacts: Isolated power outages, small debris

Crews worked through the night in Washington to make sure any reports of debris that could obstruct roadways were taken care of immediately. City of Washington Manager Jonathan Russell said Washington Utilities did have some isolated power outages, but by midday, at least 95% of those cases had been resolved.

“We were fortunate that it was minimal,” Russell said. “It was kind of anticlimactic, I guess, but that’s a good thing.”