Flash flooding still a concern, keep off roadways if possible

Published 9:15 am Friday, September 6, 2019

From Beaufort County Emergency Services

Beaufort County is continuing to experience high winds and rain from Hurricane Dorian. Flash flooding due to rain bands is still a concern. Winds are forecast to sustain in the 40-mph range with gusts up to 60 mph over the next couple of hours. Winds will slowly begin to decrease over the afternoon.

Significant power outages are reported across the county. Restoration crews are in place but unable to begin substantial work until winds decrease to a safe level. Do not approach downed power lines or work crews. Allow crews space to safely work. Consider all power lines energized and do not touch or come in contact with them. Please stay off roads if at all possible. Crews are working to remove downed trees and push debris off roads. Give them space to quickly and safely work.

Emergency shelter

An emergency shelter at Washington High School (400 Slatestone Road, Washington) and is currently sheltering approximately 150 individuals. If you are a special medical need patient requiring shelter, please call 252-946-2046. Animals for

Shelter attendees

Animals other than service animals are not allowed at the shelter. Shelter attendees with no other arrangement for animals may check their animal into the Beaufort County Animal Shelter. You must have a verification form provided by shelter staff to check your animal into the Beaufort County Animal Shelter.

Safety reminders

  • Do not drive through flood waters.
  • Treat all downed power lines as energized. Do not touch or come in contact with them.
  • If using a generator, make sure it is connected properly. Do not allow it to back feed.
  • Give crews space to safely work.

Please remember that Hurricane Dorian remains a serious threat to our community. Please continue to take every action available to keep you and your family safe. Beaufort County Offices will remain closed today. County Staff will be providing updated information throughout this weather event. Please check the county web site home page at www.co.beaufort.nc.us.