Deed transfers: Aug. 26 – Sept. 1, 2019

Published 6:42 pm Monday, September 9, 2019

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of Aug. 26 – Sept. 1, 2019.


Aug. 26


  • Jeanne W. Canady to Garry W. Moore, .598 acres, Beaufort County.
  • Takela Swain to Ventura Brown, lot 147, Northgate, Washington.


Aug. 27

  • Washington Center LLC to City of Washington, two tracts, West Second and U.S. Highway 17, six tracts, N.C. Highway 32 and Van Norden Street, Washington.
  • Lucille McKinney to Judith K. Branstetter, lot 32, block D, Iron Creek, Washington.
  • Betty S. Kemp to John F. Minges III, 18.9 acres, Mouth of the Creek Road and Blounts Creek, Chocowinity Township.
  • Beaufort County to Charles E. Slade, lot 11, Belhaven.
  • Beaufort County to Charles E. Slade, lot 10, Belhaven.
  • Lisa E. Clark to Kathleen Susan Bland (tr), two tracts, Main Street, Washington.
  • Sidney M. Cayton to Kurt J. Ryan, .77 acres, Richland Township.
  • Kurt J. Ryan to Sidney M. Cayton, .77 acres, Richland Township.
  • Douglas Craig David Sr. to R&A Property Investments LLC, .37 acres.
  • Rayford Lilley & Sons Inc. to TSB Investments LLC, lot 9, West End Community, Washington.


Aug. 28

  • Eddie J. Anderson to Trisha Dalger Fravel, lot 40, Tranters Run, Washington Township.
  • David Cecil Newman (tr) to Brenda G. Anderson, lot 4, Cypress Corner, Chocowinity Township.
  • EKP LLC to MSBJR Holdings LLC, lot 3, block P, Charlotte Street, Wanaco, Washington.
  • Donald D. Howe (tr) to Derick Cordon Logging Inc., property on Burbage Road, Bath Township.
  • Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB (tr) to Ian Ladd Cheney, 1.04 acres at Harvey and Broad Creek roads, Long Acre Township.
  • Joseph Anthony Rella (tr) to Jeffery A. Howett, lot 11, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Hazel C. Buck to Susan Buck Grover, 4.01 acres, Chocowinity Township.
  • Richard Lambert to Emily B. Thompson, Unit 5, Eureka Square Condominiums.
  • Lois Lane Alligood to Francis Jarman, lot 2, block A, Pamlico Village, Long Acre Township.
  • Caroline Slade Jean-Baptiste to Latanya Shonita Starkie Windley, .678 acres, Beaufort County.
  • Ferebee Investments LLC to Carolyn Jones Worthington, two parcels, 1.874 acres, N.C. Highway 33 and Elks Road, .612 acres, Satchell Road, Chocowinity Township.


Aug. 29

  • ALM Investment Company LLC to Roger M. Meyland, two tracts, West Main Street, lots 23-24 Maxwoods subdivision, Washington.
  • John M. Breza (exec) to Riverside Grain Corporation, lot 106, block A, Washington Harbour, Washington.
  • Dave F. Rencsok to Kimberly D. Moulden, Unit 6, Riverbend Condominiums, Long Acre Township.
  • Betty Jo Ebe to Don N. Scott, lot 13, block U, Smallwood, Washington.
  • Elizabeth C. Newton to Timothy R. James, lots 9-10, Teach’s Point, Bath Township.
  • Brenda M. Cox to Jarrod Stephen Cox, 12.5 acres, Washington Township.
  • Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Bao Gia Le, .75 acres, N.C. Highway 92 and Pamlico River, Long Acre Township.
  • Richard Lee Rose Jr. to Ronald A. Lassiter Jr., two tracts, Gilead Shores Road, Hills Point, Chocowinity Township.
  • Maurice Gilber Alford to Joseph B. Barrow Jr., lot 14, Bay Lake, Chocowinity Township.
  • Sean H. White to Francis Earl McKissick, lot 10, Waters Run, Washington Township.
  • David G. Johnston to Richard B. Sawyer, lot 27, Catnip Estates, Bath.
  • JT Manning Enterprises LLC to Steven D. Winn, 4.25 acres, Blounts Creek and Core Point Road, Chocowinity Township.
  • Richard Ray Lewis to Luciano Ontiveros Recio, property at Pamlico River and Lewis Avenue, Richland Township.
  • Beacon Street Moss LLC to Kenneth J. Tippette, lot 22, Moss Landing Harbor Homes, Washington.
  • Samuel Bryan Lee to Sarah A. Harden, tract 3, Main Street.


Aug. 30

  • Jalin Michael Stanley-Spencer to Juanita B. Spencer, .8 acres, Kelly Road and N.C. Highway 32, Bath Township.
  • Anthony R. Zito to Jamie Christopher Byers, lot 1, John R. Jones heirs, Chocowinity Township.
  • Cahoon Beaufort Investments LLC to Dalmon E. Boyd, two tracts, 19.72 acres, 3.35 acres, Archbell Point Road, Bath Township.
  • Kidd Construction Group LLC to Kirkner Investment Properties LLC, lot 1, Cypress Ridge, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Gary Michael Brady to Vernon Cody Wilkinson, 1.32 acres, Down Shore Road.
  • Jennifer Jarves (exec) to John Mark Woodland, property at Brown and Second streets, Brownsville, Washington.
  • Nancy E. Bienes to Dominic Mancini, Unit B-201, Moss Landing Condominiums, Washington.
  • Charles A Kuehn Jr. to Linda Mason, lot 104, block A, Washington Harbour, Washington.
  • H.E. Whichard Jr. to Frank J. McNair IV, .38 acres, King Street and Handy’s Point Lane, Bath Creek, Bath.
  • Dominic Reisig to rover Williams, .13 acres, Washington Township.
  • Timothy Paul Barrett to Mallory E. Jennings, .5 acres, Horse Pen Swamp Road, Washington Township.