Sept. 11 is First Responder Day

Published 6:59 pm Tuesday, September 10, 2019

From the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association

RALEIGH — In 2017, the North Carolina General Assembly designated Sept. 11 of each year as First Responder Day, making it an official state holiday. The date of Sept. 11 was chosen in recognition of the huge sacrifices made by first responders at the World Trade Center attack in New York. According to Tim Bradley, executive director of the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association, there are more than 50,000 firefighters, both career and volunteer, in North Carolina, serving 1,376 fire departments.

“After the attacks on 9/11/01, we vowed to never forget the sacrifices made that day by first responders, 343 of whom were firefighters. Having this day each year as a state holiday will help keep the recognition of that sacrifice alive, and continue to honor those who serve their community with sacrifices every day,” Bradley said.

Fire departments across the state will hold various festivities on First Responder Day. This involves everything from ringing the community fire alarm to formal 9/11 services. According to A.C. Rich, of Youngsville Fire Department, who serves the year as president of NCSFA, “These recognitions are wonderful, and people should applaud the efforts of first responders in their community,” Rich said. “The holiday was based on past sacrifices and recognizes that those sacrifices by our first responders occur daily.”

For information about events that may be occurring local for First Responders Day, contact your local fire department or police department.