Scam alert: cash and car scam

Published 10:52 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Douglas Seely, of South Carolina, called the Washington Daily News to report a scam call he recently received from two men he said sounded like they were from the Caribbean. The men told him that he had won $3.5 million and a white Mercedes Benz convertible and told him to get to the nearest Walgreens and buy a $400 Amazon card, presumably to send to them or share a code. Seely declined to give them any money.

Have you received phone calls from scammers? Often there is no way to catch or stop scammers when they operate from out of state or overseas. The only way to prevent scams is to warn others of a particular scam. If you’ve got a current scam experience to share, email us at or call 252-946-2144. Please include your name and town of residence in your message.