Sculpture retrospective opens Wednesday at the Turnage

Published 10:33 am Monday, September 16, 2019


There are muses and dancers, athletes and abstractions. Some pieces are contained, others beg to be reproduced in a larger, more imposing format.

These are the works of sculptor Allan Weaver, a Chocowinity resident, who took up his passion of a lifetime after he retired.

“I was an industrial designer for 30 years and when I moved here 20 years ago is when I started sculpting,” Weaver said.

Practicality prevented him as a young man from becoming the artist he was destined be, but in retrospect, Weaver said he has no regrets, because retirement brought it all back.

“I took a couple of sculpture courses when I was in college. and I really enjoyed it very much but I also wanted to make a living,” Weaver laughed. “Part of me is a designer part of me is an artist. I really feel fortunate that I’ve been able to do what I’ve done. … I went back to do what I really wanted to do all along.”

FIGURATIVE: An “Aha!” moment captured and a muse from one of Weaver’s sculpted series show the artist’s figurative skill. Weaver said he finds abstract work more challenging. (Vail Stewart Rumley/Daily News)

What he does is sometimes figurative and sometimes abstract; sometimes in clay or bronze or even metal. These days, he gravitates toward the abstract.

“In a lot of ways, I think the abstract sculpture is more of a challenge than the figurative. Figurative is predictable. Abstract work is coming up with ideas that have some meaning, a message, and still tell a story,” Weaver said.

A retrospective of Weaver’s work will be on display at Arts of the Pamlico’s Turnage Theatre for the next month. The opening reception for the exhibit, originally scheduled for this week, will be held Wednesday, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. The reception was postponed due to Hurricane Dorian’s potential impacts. Also opening on the same night are an exhibit by Greenville Brushstrokes artists and photographer MJ Peters.

Though Weaver’s exhibit is a tagged as a retrospective, Weaver said there’s more to come.

“Just because I have this show, doesn’t mean I’m done,” he laughed. “I have plans.”