BCCC Library Hosts Community Voices: Cooking Culture

Published 10:49 am Saturday, September 21, 2019

Who says you can’t bring food into the library? As part of its Community Voices series, the Beaufort County Community College library will hold a two-part Cooking Culture event. During lunchtime, participants can sample food featured in BCCC’s student magazine Life on the Pamlico, and at suppertime, participants can sample church cuisine from local places of worship. Both events will take place at the BCCC library on Tuesday, Sept. 24, and they are open to the public.

At noon, the library will host a celebration of this year’s Life on the Pamlico, the cultural multimedia magazine created by BCCC students. The public can sample local family recipes featured in the magazine. The program will include commentary from our students; Suzanne Stotesbury, Life on the Pamlico editor; James Casey, Life on the Pamlico designer; and Dr. Keith Lyon, history professor. Life on the Pamlico is a compilation of student articles and videos that they produce by interviewing members of the community. The project to preserves North Carolina’s coastal heritage through oral histories. It is the final project of BCCC’s HUM 120 class.

The Community Voices event will continue later that evening, Sept. 24, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., for a church cuisine event. The public is welcome to “eat and meet” with area churches and learn about their history in the community, the importance of food to faith, sample some tasty treats and go home with a recipe that represents that church culture. Dr. Keith Lyon will speak in depth about the historical connections of food and faith while participants sample recipes.

The event is still open to more participants, so interested places of worship can call 252-940-6282 or email library@beaufortccc.edu.