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Brochures now available in Columbia describe Town Clock project 

By Joanne Smith

Tyrrellinean Club

The Tyrrellinean Club is kicking off the ‘Town Clock Project’ fundraising effort.

Our goal is to raise enough funds to purchase and install a town clock on the Town Commons in downtown Columbia.

Part of those efforts include selling bricks and pavers to be used to build a pedestal for the clock and enhance the walkway around it.  There are a number of ways to order bricks:

– You will be seeing brochures at downtown businesses that include an order form you can complete and mail to the Tyrrellinean Club, Mary Lou Everett, Treasurer, at PO Box 261, Columbia, NC 27925.

– You can order bricks on-line at the following website: www.bricksrus.com/donorsite/townclock

– You can order a brick, after speaking with a club member, at the Tyrrellinean Club booth during the Scuppernong River Festival on Oct. 12.

We sincerely thank those of you who have already made donations to this project.

Please also be looking for information about another fundraiser for this project – “Rock Around the Clock” New Year’s Eve dance! For information you can visit our Facebook Event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/351723402405627/?ti=icl

We have a long way to go to reach our goal.  We appreciate the support our wonderful community always provides Tyrrellinean Club fundraisers!