Write Again … The sunlit uplands

Published 6:50 pm Friday, October 18, 2019

The rancor we see today, much of it attributable to political considerations, is very disheartening. Very.

What our elected representatives, at every level of government, do or don’t do has an effect on so many things, not the least of which are economic and environmental matters.

The let-us-agree-to-disagree-agreeably approach is virtually non-existent. Or, come let us reason together. Forget it.

Such a depressing state of affairs can, and does, take some of the joy out of living, of simply being alive, if you let it. It takes strong will and a bit of mental gymnastics to lift yourself above and beyond the reality of it all.

Well, all is not negativity, anger, vitriol, friends. There are good things happening, taking place every single day. Good things being done by good people, right here. Selfless service by our friends and neighbors, making life at least a little better for those in need, those among the least of us, those for whom life is a constant struggle. Those who suffer in body and spirit. Those who are our brothers and sisters.

And volunteerism. Good people who care. Like my friend Paul, who seldom lets a day go by that he doesn’t do something for someone else.

Like so many good people in civic clubs, fraternal organizations, church groups, who serve their fellow man in various ways.

Like a lady I know who, as the leader of one of her church’s bereavement teams, coordinates meals for families during their time of loss of a loved one. Who, as a member of her church circle, is productively involved in making hats for those who have lost their hair because of the effects of chemotherapy. She has made over 600 of these head covers, but deflects personal credit, citing what others have done and continue to do.

Like those who build ramps for easier access for people who struggle just to get in and out of their homes.

Like those who provide much needed transportation for folks with medical appointments.

The list of such examples of selfless service to others goes on and on. Perhaps Rotary’s motto best captures the spirit of what so many good people do: “ Service above self.”

The point of all this is, perhaps, that we not lose hope, become cynical and jaded, depressed at all that is happening in our land, in the world, that is troubling.

Let us not be unaware of the good deeds being done by good people every single day.

As Winston Churchill said during the darkest days of the war, one day we shall once again reach the sunlit uplands.

Let us not lose hope.