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Write Again … Know your history?

A couple of years ago I put together two tests, or quizzes, one about World War II, and one about our country’s presidents.

This I did, thinking I might use these as a program to be presented before, well, most any civic group which might be interested.

It has been done now for several different groups, and seemed, for the most part, to be enjoyed by those being “tested.”

Each of the two tests has twenty-five questions, which makes it impractical to do so here, where my space allocation is not unlimited. Sort of a self-imposed restriction, really.

Enough of this. Let me give you just an abbreviated version of my presidents quiz. Okay? I’ll provide answers at the end of the quiz. No peeking, now.

  1. Who was the first president to be born in a hospital? Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon
  2. Who was our second president? Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams
  3. Who was the next to last person elected who lost the popular vote? Rutherford B. Hayes, George W. Bush, Gerald Ford
  4. Where did Woodrow Wilson attend (undergraduate) college? Princeton, University of Virginia, Davidson College
  5. Who was Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary of the Navy? William Jennings Bryan, William McAdoo, Josephus Daniels
  6. Who did Franklin D. Roosevelt defeat in 1932? Alf Landon, Thomas Dewey, Herbert Hoover
  7. Who is the only president to enter office with no political or military experience? FDR, Donald Trump, Calvin Coolidge
  8. Who was Abraham Lincoln’s wife? Abigail, Mary Todd, Martha Custis
  9. Who was Lyndon Johnson’s running mate in 1964? George McNamara, Hubert Humprey, Eugene McCarthy
  10. Who was the last president inaugurated in March? Herbert Hoover, FDR, Harry Truman

Bonus — Who was the first president inaugurated in January? Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, FDR


Jimmy Carter 2. John Adams 3. George W. Bush 4. Davidson 5. Josephus Daniels 6. Herbert Hoover 7. Donald Trump 8. Mary Todd 9. Hubert Humphrey 10. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Bonus — FDR

How did you do? If you answered all of the ten questions correctly, reward yourself with a Frosty!

If you also answered the bonus question correctly, think of yourself as a pretty smart dude. Or “dudess.” Gotta be gender impartial.