Write Again … The family of man

Published 6:43 pm Friday, January 3, 2020

Our older daughter, Sarah, lives in Darien, Connecticut, and that’s where all of her three children have always lived.

The oldest, Zach, is now a junior at Auburn (“War Eagle”), Lindsay is a senior at Darien High, and Emily is a sophomore.

We have not been able to be a part of their lives, except at a distance. There is a certain sadness to this, for us, but it’s how it is.

A few days before Christmas, Darien played Newtown in football for the state championship. Our Sarah, following the game, texted this to us:

“So today Darien football played for the State Championship and they ended up losing. (Lindsay’s boyfriend scored the only touchdown for Darien.) But with 1.7 seconds to go the other team threw a Hail Mary and they got a touchdown and we lost.

“The other team was Newtown, CT. Newtown is where the Sandy Hook school shooting took place and all those poor little kids were killed. Today was the anniversary of that school shooting. Lindsay said it was a goose bump moment when they scored, almost as if a higher power had something to do with it.”

We have been told by numerous friends that this heart-touching story was shown on national television channels. It is, truly, of human interest.

This is one more thing that, to some of us at least reminds us that we all belong to the family of man, regardless of where we may actually live.

Now, perhaps this is the place in today’s column where an analysis, or even an explanation, of just why such tragedies have become commonplace here in this land we love, is offered by the writer.

Perhaps. I am neither smart enough, nor so inclined, to attempt this. That is better left to those far more erudite than I. Such a subject devolves into partisan political, unpleasant exchanges.

What I do know, absolutely, is that all across this land shooting tragedies have occurred in sickening regularity over the past decades.

And I do know that for every family so touched, there will be a lingering sadness for the rest of their lives. “Closure” is just a word, not a reality. So, let me just leave it there.

Have a pleasant weekend, friends.