Abuse is not love

Published 1:08 pm Wednesday, February 26, 2020

By Brenda Wynn

IBX Hotline Community Advocate

Teen Dating and Violence Awareness month provides an opportunity for prevention and healing for teen victims in a violent relationship.

According to the Domestic Violence Awareness project, approximately 1.5 million high school students in the United States experience physical abuse from a dating partner. One-quarter of parents today don’t talk to their teens about Domestic Violence.

Teen Dating Awareness Month encourages parents and adolescents to take an inventory of their relationships. Abuse includes physical, psychological or sexual abuse.

Valentine’s Day was the 14th of February and our teenage girls were expecting or hoping for a special gift from that special someone. The admirer might feel they are due something in return, and this is when violence has the potential to rear its ugly head. When the young lady become uncooperative then it could lead to physical abuse or even sexual assault.

Teens should never think that their bodies or lives should be used in exchange for gifts or attention. Break the cycle, start a conversation. Parents, talk to your children about what a healthy relationship looks like. Teach them that love is respect!

The Inner Banks Hotline has materials that will help you talk with your child/children about healthy relationships and how to exit an unhealthy relationship.

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