We know our storms in Beaufort County

Published 7:23 pm Friday, March 20, 2020

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We’ve seen it happen before: after a hurricane, those who have less than noble intentions prey upon the vulnerable. They ratchet up prices on necessary goods or inflate the price of replacing a roof or drying out a flooded house, victimizing a homeowner a second time.

Some people see tragedy and think it’s time to capitalize.

Various news organizations have reported on those over-buying and hoarding, not with the intent of keeping items such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer for their own use, but to profit by selling these much-in-demand items at a huge markup.

But hand-in-hand with stories about those who would take advantage when everyone is at a disadvantage are the stories of good deeds.

For every article about hoarders of Clorox wipes, there’s another about high school kids delivering groceries to the elderly. For every article about those trying to sell a “miracle cure” for COVID-19, there’s another about ways communities are coming together — even though they’re maintaining the distance of six feet apart — but they’re coming together to help one another.

Yes, every person, whether here in Beaufort County or anyplace else in this world, should be paying attention to this virus and doing everything they can to prevent its spread. But every person should also be paying attention to the good things that can come out of this pandemic, as well — things like families spending more time together; a slowing down of life’s hectic pace; a renewed appreciation for the many things we have, for so long, taken for granted. Things like hugs and birthday parties, crowded restaurants and being able to open a door with a hand instead of an elbow.

It may be a while, but eventually this pandemic will be a piece of the past. What will be remembered is the way we treated one another; the ways community came together and neighbor helped neighbor, just like we do during and after a major storm.

Floyd, Irene, Matthew, Florence — we know our storms here in Beaufort County. We’ll weather this one too.