Aurora following social distancing measures

Published 7:06 pm Monday, April 6, 2020

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AURORA — The town of Aurora is abiding with the stay-at-home order by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper by shutting the doors to town hall and restaurants transitioning to take-out, but public works are still on go.

Clif Williams, the mayor of Aurora, said the town has slowed down, and that he hasn’t seen much traffic since stay-at-home stipulations were put into place a couple of weeks ago.

“At the Town Hall, we’re open for business, but we’re not allowing people in the building,” Williams said. “We continue to run day-to-day operations; public works is still doing what they do. All we have is three public works people, so we can’t just shut the town down, so they’re still working. (Traffic) has slowed down. The restaurants are doing primarily just take-out — thank goodness they’re doing that.”

Williams stressed the importance of social distancing during this time, and encouraged the residents of Aurora to continue doing so.

“We’re all in communication with one another. We’re taking all the necessary steps to keep everybody away from each other and our employees,” Williams said. “Everybody kind of has things blocked, off and you can’t get but so far. For example, you can’t just walk into the Potter Oil Company now; you kind of have to stay outside. They’ll take your vehicle and do what they got to do. Aurora industrial supplies have things roped off inside so they can keep everybody six feet away from the employees and each other. They’re not allowing people in the showroom anymore, and if people really need something, we’ll go get it. We’re trying to be as safety conscience as possible and trying to keep our people employed.”

The town of Aurora had a town meeting Monday night via teleconference.

Family Dollar, Dollar General and Terry’s convenient mart are among the local markets remaining open, while restaurants Wayside and Frank & Shirley’s are now take-out only.