A different kind of Pamlico Life

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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Pamlico Life has changed — not only in that the feature is now appearing in the Wednesday issue of the Washington Daily News, but life itself has changed dramatically over the past month because of the ongoing threat of COVID-19. The events and occasions that drove this traditionally weekend feature have all been canceled or postponed, and life and occasions across Beaufort County look a little different these days.

Featured today are a few photographs illustrating how local folks are adapting to a life in which social distancing is the “new normal” and a few showing just how much life and nature haven’t changed at all.

HOMEGROWN: Raindrop Ridge herb farm on Camp Leach Road is open for business and owner Dorita Boyd is happy to sell visitors herbs, as long as they socially distance themselves while perusing her many plants.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG: It’s a beautiful time of the year — COVID-19 can’t stop nature and the full bloom of spring, as seen here in these Japanese cherry blossom blooms.

EASTER CROSS: Though First Baptist Church in Washington held its Easter services online at 10 a.m. Sunday, members of the congregation were invited to decorate a cross with whatever was blooming in their yards at home. Washington resident Paula Stephenson and son Rocky brought wildflowers. This work of Easter art took place over a few days, and most of its contributors never saw one another. (Paula Stephenson)

LIVE MUSIC: Staying in is the new going out. Local musician Chuck Phillips performs onscreen from the comfort of his home while his many listeners tune in from their homes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Socially distant friends and neighbors met on this Bath dock to wish resident Clay Johnson a happy birthday. (Debra Torrence)