Beaufort County athletes remain active at home

Published 6:34 pm Friday, April 24, 2020

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With a lot of extra time on their hands, many Beaufort County athletes of all sports are remaining active, working out and continuing to eat healthy.

Many student-athletes expressed the importance of staying active and healthy during a time when it’s easy to become lackluster in their routines, and coaches are there to give them the extra push.

Washington track star Nykaya Ebron has made appearances at the last two state championship track meets, and she explained that living a healthy lifestyle is something she takes pride in.

“I have been very active. I work out every day by lifting, squatting and doing ab workouts on the porch. I also go running downtown,” Ebron said. “(My teammate) Ashanti Booth has been running often, and since I’ve been at home, I’ve been encouraging my mom on eating habits. I even push her when we work out. … Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just really important, and eating healthy makes me feel great.”

Many players who are remaining active are also encouraging their teammates to continue working out.

Zion Wilson, junior lineman for the Northside Panthers, says he’s been seeing his team work out on social media.

“I try to run to the (Belhaven) beach and back, and do some calisthenic workouts when I’m off from work,” Wilson said. “I’ve seen almost my whole team working out on social media and stuff, but unfortunately we can’t work out together right now.”

While downtime can be used to play video games, one athlete is keeping his teammates accountable by incorporating workouts into their virtual defeats.

“I have been going to Durham to work out with former NFL star Dex Reid and honestly, I feel like he is helping me take my game to the next level,” Washington’s junior running back and track runner Jaden Hambric said. “I also text and keep up with my teammates. I even started a new trend. Anytime you (lose in Call of Duty Warzone) or get beat in NBA 2K, you have to do 25 pushups, including me. Trust me, it adds up. If we are going to be playing games, we might as well get fit while we’re doing it.”

On the south side of the river, Seahawk running back, point guard and shortstop Kenjray Coffield is making sure he encourages his teammates to remain active.

“I’ve been working out, lifting weights, running routes, working on my footwork, drinking a lot of water and doing everything I can to stay active,” Coffield said. “Davion (Carter) and Hundley (Stallings) are also staying active. I talk to them and see them posting on their Snapchats of them working out. I have been encouraging (my teammates) to keep going, and don’t stop, because we have to be in our bag this year — positive vibes all 2020. We’re coming for everybody