Deed transfers: May 17-23, 2020

Published 7:58 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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May 18

  • Melvin R. Potter to Troy Respess, lot 10, block G, Forest Hills, U.S. Highway 264, Washington.
  • Terry W. Paul to Robbie L. Paul, lot 2, 5.3 acres, Long Acre Township.
  • Phillip B. Reynolds to Vicki J. Givens, 1.22 acres, lot, 3, East Street and Tom’s Creek, Belhaven.
  • William Gurganus to Susan H. Cordon, property on N.C. Highway 92, Bath Township.
  • Steve T. Foreman to Steve T. Foreman (tr), two parcels, Beaufort County.
  • Joel Leon Moore to Candace C. Moore, lot 3, block A, Kingswood, Washington.
  • Christian Bass Toppin to Ronald Wayne Toppin Jr., 2.89 acres, Washington Township.
  • George B. Coghill to Joe Wes Coghill, 8.06 acres, tract 7, Old Blounts Creek Road and Old Mill Road, Chocowinity Township.
  • Jo W. Kuhn to Michelle Denise Lawrence, lot 113, Northgate, Washington.


May 19

  • Elizabeth Harrell Chandler to Davelle Whitney, 1.99 acres, Chocowinity Township.
  • Ira L. Flowers to Bradford Austin Flowers, two tracts, 10.76 acres, Kilby Avenue, .102 acres, Bayview Road, Bath Township.
  • Mason Cemetery Inc. to Malcolm J. Howard, .08 acres, Mason Cemetery.
  • Dolores M. Romero to Erica Crystal Rae Williams, lot 38, Colonial Heights.
  • Rodney E. Sawn to Kasey a. Stone, property at Fleming and West Third streets, Washington.
  • Ruby Manning to Parker Allen Woolard, 1.64 acres, Flanders Filters and Dirt roads, lot B. Wharton Station Landing, Washington Township.
  • Richard H. Struble to Jeff Allan Somol, lot 257, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Douglas Ray Kennedy to Paula Hendry, lot 22, block 12, Crystal Beach Estates, Richland Township.


May 20

  • Sonya Sawyer Midgette to Sonya Sawyer Midgette, lot 2, F. Hertford Woolard property, Bath Township.
  • Kenneth M. Fuller to Herber M. Lockett, two lots: lot C, 3.577 acres,; lot A, 3.616 acres, Cotton Patch Road, Chocowinity Township.
  • Ronny A. Cottle to Donna J. Ennis, lot 93, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Patrick C. O’Bryant to Joel H. Whitley, two tracts, Queen Anne Drive and Mixon’s Creek, Kilby Island, Bath Township.
  • Belinda F. King to Ronny A. Cottle, property in Chocowinity Township.
  • Bridget Lee Ayers to Lisa Haislip Slimmer, 4.04 acres, Cotton Patch Road, Chocowinity Township.
  • Lisa Haislip Slimmer to Lee Haislip, 6.09 acres, Cotton Patch Road, Chocowinity Township.


May 21

  • Kenty D. Vaughan to Jeffrey A. Elks, lot 27, Wedgewood Drive, Jefferson Park, Long Acre Township.
  • Levie C. Norma to Toby Cole, 1 acre, Norman Drive, Chocowinity Township.
  • Hilton J. Carson to Erin A. Brown, lot 14, Kilby Island, Bath Township.
  • Barbara F. Alligood to Alligood Shops LLC, 2.360 acres, N.C. Highway 32 and Broad Creek Road, Long Acre Township.
  • Richard J. Hoban to Ronal Joseph Arbaugh Jr., lot 420, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Michael Darnell Mack to William Frank Whitehead Sr., lot 6, Cherry Run Road, Washington Township.
  • Dempsey M. Ange Jr. to Omar Bahhur, property on U.S. Highway 264, Pantego.
  • Daniel Bertke to Dylan Chance North, property on Bay Street, Belhaven.
  • John Tankard Jones to Douglas Andrew Baker, two lots, 10.08 acres, 18.23 acres, U.S. Highway 264 East and Yeatesville Road, Bath Township.
  • John Tankard Jones to TJS Land Development LLC, property at U.S. Highway 264 and Pungo Creek, Bath Township.
  • Robert L. Cordon to Robert L. Cordon, two tracts, N.C. Highway 92, Bath Township.
  • Christopher S. Boyd to Kent D. Vaughan, lots 1-2, 2 acres, Bath Township.
  • John D. Lowry to Karen S. Waters, .41 acres, Bath Township.


May 22

  • Craig M. Newton to John G. Bell, property at Shady Banks, Shady Banks Beach Road and Pamlico River, Long Acre Township.
  • Leonard J. Van Cura to Hailey Ayers Elson, lot 8, block E, Pamlico Village, Long Acre Township.
  • Bobby G. Heath to Brian I. Lucas, lot 5, block A, Chocowinity Township.
  • Donna Barnes Dixon to Donna Barnes Dixon, two lots, L102, L104, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.
  • Tammy D. Russell to Jennifer T. Boy, property at Archbell and Shell roads, Bath Township.
  • Shane F. Staples to William Preston Godley III, lot 49, Old Fort River Shore, Chocowinity Township.
  • Will Roger Duvall to Timothy C. Sulger, 2.12 acres, Old Blounts Creek Road and Cotton Patch Road, Chocowinity Township.