Voter registration numbers released

Published 11:34 am Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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There are 2,252 registered voters in Tyrrell County, Emily Hodges, elections director, stated Friday.

Political party affiliations among those 2.252 voters are:

Democrat 1,173

Republican 373

Unaffiliated 697

Libertarian 9

Racial/ethnic groupings are provided voluntarily by voters when they register, and some do not respond. The data Hodges provided show the following:

Black 687

White 1,419

American Indian 7

Asian 17

Multi-race 5

Other 36

Undesignated 81

Disclosing one’s sex is also voluntary, and the data reveal:

Female 1,164

Male 1,023

Undesignated 65

Another voluntary question on the voter application shows:

Hispanic 35

Not Hispanic 1,880

Undesignated 637

The ballot this fall will be full of contests: president, U.S. senator and representative, governor, lieutenant governor, council of state, members of the General Assembly, judges, register of deeds, county commissioners, and soil and water board.

The county races are:

Gene Boger, Democrat, running unopposed to secceed herself as register of deeds.

Six candidates are seeking three seats on the board of commissioners.

The three Democrats are Nathan “Tommy” Everett (incumbent), Darryl Liverman, and Dorothy Spencer.

Two Republicans are running county commissioner: Seth Gibbs and Robert Thompson.

And indumbent Lawrence Swain is on the ballot as Unaffiliated.

Wesley Hopkins has filed for Soil & Water supervisor, which is a non-partisan contest.

Early voting commences Oct. 15, and election day is Nov. 3.

There were 2,413 registered voters in Tyrrell County in 2018. As the last presidential election approached in 2016, Tyrrell had 2,442 electors. There were 2,489 in 2014.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the county’s population¬† was 4,016 on July 1, 2019, down from 4,131 a year earlier. (The 2020 census process is incomplete at this time.) The official census count in 2010 was 4,407, up from 4,149 in 2000.

Since the county’s boundaries last changed in 1890, the population has ranged from 5,556 in 1940 to 3,806 in 1970.