Write Again … Buying salvation?

Published 9:30 am Sunday, August 16, 2020

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It’s all about the harvest, friends. The bountiful harvest that we all can enjoy.

How do I know this? From numerous modern-day “prophets” on television.

You see, they provide you the opportunity to “sow a seed.” Oh, yes. And in return, why, your “harvest” is going to be bountiful beyond your wildest dreams.

There are many television evangelists who are offering these good deals. (“Televangelists,” they are called.) They offer a choice of financial opportunities to “sow,” and also can send literature and videos that will help change your life. For an additional cost, of course.

One of these “preacher personalities,” with his very black hair styled like Jack Lord’s was on the original “Hawaii Five O,” really offered a not-to-be-refused opportunity. He said first he was going to offer a short prayer, after which you were to “sow your seed.” (By check, credit card or some other way via the internet.) “Now, close your eyes,” he said.

Following the prayer, the “believers” were to send him, please believe me, $1,000. Now, folks, that’s some heavy “sowing.”

One televangelist I witnessed was an absolute authority on the super-natural. (My term, not his.) He waxed eloquently and in-depth about such things as the “passion,” the “rapture,” the “second coming,” and “end times,” among other related topics. He even could send you a book called “The Tipping Point” which would truly enlighten you (just a small charge); and for $7 a month, updates on such views.

A mutuality shared by just about all of these performers — er, preachers — is that God talks directly to them, tells them what to tell others. Gives them fund-raising advice. They must have a direct God-to-person dedicated phone line.

Oh, lest I forget. Some of these TV personalities will send you a prayer shawl … that they have personally PRAYED OVER! How ’bout that, folks. Just a modest fee will get you one of these.

Finally, I must note that the inevitable interpretation has been promulgated by some of these airways voices: The Coronavirus is a punishment-warning visited upon us by God. They know this to be irrefutably so.

One might wonder — just might — how much money is in the revenue stream flowing into all of these people in any given year. What would you guess? Think what good could be done in this world with all the money.

That’s it for this time, friends. I sincerely hope no one is offended by any thing I mentioned, as such was not my intent.

May there be blessings upon those good men and women of the cloth who labor to do the Lord’s work — as they see it — out of the eye of the camera.

Keep the faith, brothers and sisters.