Insight into remote learning for CTE students

Published 7:15 pm Thursday, September 10, 2020

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(This report was abstracted from the September CTE Newsletter posted Sept. 2).

By Shelia Cumiskey

Curriculum, Instruction and CTE Director

Tyrrell County Schools

Good Morning School Family and Community Stakeholders,

I hope this email finds each of you and your families well.

As we begin another school year, although nontraditional, the Tyrrell County Schools Career and Technical Education Department has planned many activities and academic experiences to enhance the education of our students.

In an effort to share these activities and academic experiences offered within the CTE Department, we share with you our first CTE departmental newsletter. This initial newsletter focuses on the programs we will offer this school year as well as the staff members within this department.  Upcoming newsletters will be focused more specifically on each pathway and programs.

We are excited about this school year and our plans for program growth within CTE. Please feel free to reach out to any CTE staff member with any questions, concerns or opportunities to collaborate!

Tyrrell County Public Schools began quite differently this fall with all three schools going completely remote. This type of instruction provides many challenges for educators, students and families alike.

In anticipation of these challenges, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) staff began preparing for the possibility of remote instruction in July 2020. CTE requires students not only to learn the content, but to physically demonstrate a number of skills related to careers and the various program curricula.

The TCS Career and Technical Education Department will be implementing a variety of remote instructional strategies to provide each student the best possible skills based education during this first nine weeks. Some of these strategies include:

– Canvas and Google Classroom learning management systems

– Google meet live meetings that are recorded

– YouTube videos

– Teacher made “how to videos” and skill demonstration videos

– Student paper packets delivered to homes

– Flash drives with content and videos

– Email communication

– Project kits

– Variety of Apps, online programs and software (Adobe Exchange, Gmetrix, Quia, Remind App, Google Poll, Kahoot)

– Home academic and wellness check ins and phone calls

It is very important that each student feels as connected to his or her teacher during this period of remote learning. If families have any questions or concerns for CTE staff members, please feel free to call us at Columbia High School (2527968161) or email us. We are here to support our students and families in whatever way possible. We look forward to seeing our students back in CTE Classrooms and Labs soon!

It is my extreme honor to serve our Tyrell County Schools students and their families as the district Career and Technical Education Director and Curriculum/Instruction Management Coordinator. I have served many roles in

my 25 years as a public educator, but none any more important than a part of the Career and Technical Education Team.

Career and Technical Education is a crucial part of any school system. It is no longer what many of us remember as the traditional vocational education. Today, students are prepared for college, University, military or career transitions through rigorous knowledge and skills-based curricula. Each pathway incorporates critical soft skills such as public speaking, interviewing, resume writing and social media etiquette. Students have an opportunity to earn a variety of certification and credentials through CTE to make them more qualified and competitive in the workforce. Furthermore, these opportunities make students eligible for scholarships and grants for post-secondary education.

In my role as CTE Director I support our CTE teachers in the critical jobs they do daily and work to remove barriers for students in achieving their CTE goals both during high school and beyond. Located on the high school campus, I have the great fortune of working with our wonderful students and their dedicated staff each and every day. I believe it is not what we say but what we do that shows where our priorities and heart are focused. It is my hope that the staff, students and families of Tyrrell County can confidently say that I am an administrator in the school system that is student centered and always puts what is best for our students first. I strive to influence both our students and staff in a positive and productive way each and every day as a person and professional through servant leadership.

(Shelia Cumiskey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Sports Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; a Masters in School Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, and an Educational Specialist degree from East Carolina University).