Beaufort County Election Results

Published 8:01 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Precincts reporting: early voting/absentee, 21 of 21 precincts reporting. All results are unofficial.

Approximately 60% of Beaufort County voters voted during one-stop or by absentee ballot.


U.S. President

Joe Biden-Kamala Harris (D): 9,575

Donald J. Trump-Mike Pence (R): 16,352

U.S. Senate

Cal Cunningham (D): 9,390

Thom Tillis (R): 15,385

U.S. House of Representatives

Greg Murphy (R): 16,654

Daryl Farrow (D): 9,043

N.C. Governor

Roy Cooper (D): 10,229

Dan Forest (R): 15,627

N.C. Lieutenant Governor

Mark Robinson (R): 16,385

Yvonne Lewis Holley (D): 9,319

N.C. Attorney General

Josh Stein (D): 9,893

Jim O’Neill (R): 15,730

State Senate District 3

Ernestine Bazemore (D): 9,297

Thomas Hester Jr. (R): 15,996

State Representative District 79

Nick Blount (D): 9,256

Keith Kidwell (R): 16,133

Beaufort County Board of Commissioners, 4 seats

John Carbone (D): 1,698

Tandy Oliver Dunn (R): 2,993

Jerry E. Langley (D): 6,990*

John Rebholz (R): 4,431*

Hood Richardson (R): 5,589*

Randy Walker (R): 3,644*

Soil and Water Conservation District

Adam Phillips: 5,164

Tracy Warren: 15,400*

Beaufort County Register of Deeds, Beaufort County Board of Education Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7, District Court Judge, District 2, Seats 3 and 4, were all uncontested races and vote tallies will be given in follow up articles. 

N.C. Auditor

Anthony Wayne Street (R): 15,087

Beth A. Wood (D): 10,396

N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture

Steve Troxler (R): 16,667

Jenna Wadsworth (D): 8,857

N.C. Commissioner of Insurance

Mike Causey (R): 15,945

Wayne Goodwin (D): 9,471

N.C. Commissioner of Labor

Josh Dobson (R): 15,712

Jessica Holmes (D): 9,739

N.C. Secretary of State

E.C. Sykes (R): 15,213

Elaine Marshall (D): 10,360

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction

Catherine Truitt (R): 15,980

Jen Mangrum (D): 9,467

N.C.  Treasurer

Ronnie Chatterji (D): 9,314

Dale R. Folwell (R): 16,103

N.C. Supreme Court Justice, Seat 1

Cheri Beasley (D): 9,861

Paul Newby (R): 15,718

N.C. Supreme Court Justice, Seat 2

Phil Berger Jr. (R): 15,900

Lucy Inman (D): 9,506

N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice, Seat 4

Tamara Barringer (R): 15,636

Mark Davis (D): 9,605

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 4

Tricia Shields (D): 9,297

April C. Wood (R): 15,970

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 5

Lora Christine Cubbage (D): 9,367

Fred Gore (R): 15,856

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 6

Gray Styers (D): 9,201

Chris Dillon (R): 15,991

N.C. Court of Appeals Judge, Seat 7

Reuben F. Young (D): 9,238

Jeff Carpenter (R): 15,912