Deed transfers: Nov. 1-7, 2020

Published 4:58 pm Friday, November 20, 2020

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of Oct. 25-31, 2020.


Nov. 2

  • Stephen W. Carawan to Belle Haven LLC, lot 13 and 14, Cuthrells, Belhaven
  • Joyce Burrows to Pamela Jeanne Marston, lot 40, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township
  • Ryan Smithwick Butler to Eric P. De Marko, lot 50, Eagle Trace, Rich Township
  • Ernest G. Marshburn to Vicki Elaine Wilson, lot 193, Pamlico Plant, PC-D
  • Wiliam Earl Mills Jr. to Edward Adam Lefebre, lot 29, Tree Shade Community, Washington
  • Stephen Todd Roberson to Tito Chavez Morgado, lot 5A, Washington

Nov. 3

  • Timothy C. Mordecai to Robert Nix, lot 27, Macs Woods, Washington
  • Pamela K. Swanner to Leslie Dildy, lot 15, Smallwood, Washington
  • Dwayne V. Rawlings to Debra Chiravelli, lot 16, Iron Creek, Washington Township
  • Betty B. Crosby to James K. Broadway, lot 77, Tranters Creek Establishment
  • Elton Scott Cutler to Jerry Ray Beasley, 5.63 acres, U.S. Highway 32, Long Acre Township
  • Shannon K. Jefferson to Bruce L. Rabon Jr., lot 5, Bath Township
  • Connie O. Moore to Colby S. Modlin, 3.4 acres, U.S. Highway 17, Washington Township

Nov. 4

  • Michael A. Cortigine to Albert H. Hart Jr., lot 33, Smugglers Cove, Bath Township
  • Blake Mitchell to Blake Mitchell, lot 5 and 6, Clearwater Cove, Rich Township
  • County of Beaufort to JK Held LLC, 1.5 acres, Richland Township
  • County of Beaufort to JK Held LLC, 1 acre, Chocowinity Township
  • Kenneth Macmillan to Corinne Marie Conover, property at U.S. Highway 17, Chocowinity Township
  • Pamela T. Rice to George F. Rice Jr., property at Pamlico River, property at College Avenue, property at Mason Avenue, Bath Township
  • John Leon Mason to Rick A. Amick, 3.01 acres, Bath Township
  • Brenda W. Davidson to Gwendolyn Braddy, lot 1, 2, 4, 5, Sunny Acres, Chocowinity Township
  • David E. Steckle to Graham White, lot 89, Mcnair Town, Washington Township

Nov. 5

  • Vickie Sheppard Crafford to Sharon Napier-Thompson, lot 31-32, Crystal Beach Establishment, Richland Township
  • Robert H. Nelson to Donald L. Nixon, lot 43-44, Dowry Creek, Pantego Township
  • Harry W. Meredith Jr. to Esperanza Gallegos, lot 5, Washington Township
  • Paul E. Castelloe Jr. to Blair Vanhook, lot 2, Bath Township
  • Ian L. Cheney to Amy Beth Munion Tr., 1.04 acres, property at U.S. Highway 32 and Broad Creek Road, Long Acre Township
  • Jean K. Hammond to Paul E. Woolard Jr., lot 32, Winfield Established, Bath Township
  • John Allen Kossuth Tucker to Jack C. Staley Jr., lot 1 at Harbor Watch, property at Dowry Creek Condominium, Pantego Township
  • Jordan C. Gold to Christopher James Koch, 1.96 acres, Chocowinity Township
  • Northgate Development LLC to Will Kuhn Homes LLC, lot 71, Northgate, Washington Township
  • Will Kuhn Homes LLC to Jeffery Alan Peterson, lot 71, Northgate, Washington Township

Nov. 6

  • S. John Guha to S. John Guha Tr., lot 10, Pamlico Plant Townhomes, Long Acres Township
  • Vivian L. Olsen to James Lewis O’brian, lot 450, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township
  • Sandra K. Holland to Traver Glassner, lot 19, Goose Creek Landing, Richland Township
  • Blanche G. Hudson to Marvin G. Corbett, lot 1, Isle Vue Beach, Richland Township
  • Donald E. Ayers to Cheryl Smith McQueen, property at Bayside Shores, Chocowinity Township
  • Miguel H. Lapuz to Dana Oliver Murph, lot 30, Treasure Pointe, Bath Township
  • John C. Peterson to Darren Shawn Murph, lot 1, Treasure Pointe, Bath Township
  • Wesley Mcarthur Wallace to Lisa Wallace Foster, property in Washington
  • Christopher M. Julich to Christopher M. Julich, property at Diannas Landing Road and Peninsula Drive, .62 acres, lot 24, Peninsula Acres
  • Ashok K. Datta to Grimes Built Construction LLC, two properties, Laurcour Farms, Washington Township
  • Roy M. Bunch to Grimes Built Construction LLC, lot 78-79, Laurcour Farms, Washington
  • James H. Stanley II to Grimes Built Construction LLC, lot 10-11, Laurcour Farms, Washington Township
  • Ulrich Karl Alsentzer to Colin Michael Fegeley, lot 1, Shore Line, Bath Township
  • WCB Partners LLC to Colby P. Mason, lot 4, Bath Township
  • Marty Scott Parker to Timothy C. Mordecai, property in Richland Township
  • Arnold Land Holdings LLC to Robert Peaden, 2.99 acres, Washington Township