Calling on Reps. Kidwell and Murphy

Published 1:06 pm Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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To the Editor,

Evidently, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan do not know how to conduct an election for President.  The officials can be honest when the “down-ballot” Republicans are being elected but not for President.

Since Rep. Murphy has joined other Republicans in objecting to the electoral votes in several states and has aligned himself with the lawsuit by the Texas attorney general, I expect him to be a leader in correcting this problem.  Under his leadership, Congress will investigate the elections in the contested states and then propose laws that specifically target these states.  The U.S. Constitution makes the individual states responsible for voting.  Therefore, this group can propose an amendment to the Constitution that all states — except specifically named states — will conduct all elections except for president. Congress will supervise the presidential election.  There should be many Republican cosponsors.

Also, Rep. Kidwell can be a leader in the North Carolina General Assembly to work with Rep. Murphy.  Mr. Kidwell can volunteer to work with the errant states and show them how an honest election is conducted.  He can spearhead the efforts to change the Constitution to specifically name states that cannot honestly run an election for president.  I am sure Sens. Cruz and Hawley will be eager to take on the efforts in the Senate.

Each will have accolades in the Republican Party because they will have worked to increase the involvement of the federal government in a state’s activities!  Of course, by taking control of the disputed states’ elections, they will have to begin controlling the budget of each state to assure the proper commitment to an “honest” election.  The public-school systems can also be controlled to assure the students are taught ways to detect election procedures that may elect a Democrat.

The paradox in this is there is no evidence of fraud until after a non-Republican is elected.  Of course, Reps. Kidwell and Murphy will know how to deal with this.

I only wish I could vote.

Wayne Peel