HIGH FIVE: Matt Van Staalduinen

Published 12:15 pm Monday, January 25, 2021

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We asked area athletes five questions so you can get to know them a little better. Today’s guest is Washington High School senior basketball player Matt Van Staalduinen.

Who is your favorite Avenger?

Matt: I like Ironman because he has to use his brain to get out of difficult situations. He has to be smart because he designed his own suit.

What is the hardest thing about wearing a mask on the court besides breathing?

Matt: Communicating with my teammates. I’m kind of quiet, so I have to remember to speak up so they can hear me. It’s also hard to hear them sometimes. Coach is loud, so it’s easy to hear him, even with his mask on.

What lessons have you learned during COVID-19?

Matt: I’ve had to learn how to keep myself out situations where I could catch the virus. I have to be more aware to keep myself and everyone around me safe.

What superpower would you choose?

Matt: If I could fly, I could get places quicker and help people faster during emergencies.

What is your dream job?

Running my own charter fishing boat. I love to fish when I’m not playing basketball and I like the quiet when I’m out on the water.