Belhaven votes to extend mayoral term from two years to four years

Published 3:30 pm Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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The Town of Belhaven Board of Aldermen adopted an ordinance to change the town charter in order to extend the mayoral term from two years to four years at the Board of Aldermen meeting on Monday.

Adoption of this ordinance comes after the board adopted a resolution to change the town charter regarding the mayoral term at their December meeting. The mayoral term is currently two years as opposed to the Board of Aldermen members who serve four years. 

“There has been interest across the state to bring mayoral terms in line with council seats, not just here in Belhaven,” said town manager Lynn Davis. 

A public hearing was held on Jan. 11 and members of the public expressed their concern regarding the extension of the mayoral term. 

Despite these concerns brought up at the last meeting, the Board of Aldermen proceeded with the adoption of the ordinance at the recommendation of the town clerk. 

“Last night, we took the final step locally that needs to happen in order to extend our mayoral term from two years to four years. The next step is that it will be considered by the general assembly to amend our charter,” said Davis. 

If approved by the general assembly, this ordinance will go into effect starting with the next election, meaning the next mayor elected will serve four years.