High Five-Pam Pack senior pulls double duty this spring

Published 5:04 pm Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Mary Emma Holscher is making the most of her senior year at Washington High School. She won the conference cross country meet in January, started on the basketball team and is playing softball and tennis this spring. She slowed down long enough to answer five questions so you could get to know her a little better.


  1. What superpower would you choose?

Mary Emma: I would teleport so I could make a quick stop in Africa to see the elephants, then go to the moon. By teleporting, I could cover a lot of ground quickly.


  1. If you could eat anything without regard for nutrition, what would it be?

Mary Emma: As much Moose Tracks ice cream as I wanted.


  1. Which vegetable would you ban?

Mary Emma: Beets because they don’t taste good and make your teeth turn a weird color.


  1. If you opened a business, what would you sell?

Mary Emma: A pet supply store like PetSmart, where you could bring your pet into the store. Elephants are my favorite animals, but you can’t sell them.


  1. Which is your favorite among the sports you play?

Mary Emma: Tennis. It’s the one I started playing most recently. I spent the    night with a friend when I was a sophomore and tagged along to tennis practice the next day. I found out that I liked it and was pretty good at it, so I stayed with it.