U.S. Marshals warn of possible scam

Published 3:30 pm Monday, April 5, 2021

RALEIGH, NC — The United States Marshals Service for the Eastern District of North Carolina would like to make the public aware of a scam that has been going around lately.

Unidentified callers posing as Deputy United States Marshals will contact potential victims and tell them that since they did not respond to a summons to appear in federal court, that a Federal Judge has issued an Order For Arrest. The callers will then tell the potential victims that they must withdraw $2,500 cash and meet the fake Deputy U.S. Marshals at a location to pay this fine, or they will be arrested. The callers will use intimidation tactics such as fear of arrest, embarrassment of the victim, potential loss of job, having a criminal record and other such things to coerce the victims into meeting them at a location. The callers will use the names of actual Federal Judges in our District, as well as locations in our area such as the Wake County Courthouse and other well-known law enforcement addresses in an attempt to meet the potential victims to collect the fine. United States Marshal Michael East would like the public to know the following: 

  • The U.S. Marshals Service does not collect “cash fines” ordered by the court. 
  • If the U.S. Marshals Service does call a citizen regarding an active warrant; it will be to coordinate a surrender, not to collect any type of payment.
  • Please do not meet these individuals or make any kind of payment to them. 
  • With tax refund checks and stimulus checks coming out this time of year, these scams will be on the rise and it’s important for people to be aware and cautious.

Should you receive such a call, and if you are not certain if it is a scam or not, please call our 24 hour number in Raleigh, North Carolina at 919-856-4153 and we will be glad to assist.