Hyde County COVID-19 update

Published 10:15 am Monday, April 12, 2021

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Today, the COVID-19 counts are as follows:
  • Active Cases  18
  • Recovered Cases 636
  • Deaths  8
  • TOTAL COUNT  662
COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Hyde County. We have gone from zero cases at the end of March, to 18 active cases as of today.  It is imperative that we obtain the COVID-19 vaccine AND continue to follow the 3 Ws guidelines.
The bulk of our total count (number of cases from the beginning of the pandemic through today) are people between the ages of 25-49 (40%); male (61%); white (57%); and have not been hospitalized (74%).  For specific information, such as zip code locations of cases and demographics, please visit https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard.  This is the NC Division of Health and Human Services website but breaks down information by county.  You can search data by number of cases, cases per 10,000 and 100,000 residents, as well as specifying your data range.  Our posted numbers will usually differ from the state website, as we give numbers that are the most current and the state has some lag time.  You can access the number of vaccinations at this website as well.
As noted in the past, the way to overcome this pandemic is by communities globally doing their part.  Hyde County is no exception.  To protect one another, we must practice the 3 Ws and get our COVID-19 shots.  To schedule an appointment at the Health Department, please call 252-926-4474.
For 24/7 on-call services, dial 1-866-462-3821, the Coronavirus Hotline.
Stay safe and healthy.