County changes frequency of COVID-19 reports; metrics still updated daily

Published 8:31 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Beaufort County residents may have noticed a recent change in the way COVID-19 in the way the county’s Emergency Operations Center reports COVID-19 data.

As the county’s COVID-19 metrics continue to fall, formal reports on the county’s coronavirus efforts are now being published weekly instead of daily. The county’s metrics will still be updated daily on its COVID-19 surveillance website, which can be accessed through a link online at

The change took effect this week. The reports that were previously published daily on the county’s website and sent out to the EOC’s mailing list contained a lot of the same information that is available on the surveillance site.

The EOC’s next formal report will be published on Friday, April 23.

Beaufort County’s total COVID-19 case count grew to 4,450 on Tuesday. Health officials knew of 55 active cases among Beaufort County residents. Of those 55 individuals, one is in the hospital.

The county has recorded 93 COVID-19-related deaths, including 43 that involved long-term care facility residents. A total of 4,302 Beaufort County residents have recovered from COVID-19, which means the recovery rate is 96.7%.

The health department’s vaccination efforts begin on Wednesday each week, so the county’s vaccination rate hasn’t changed significantly since last Friday. Currently, 38% of Beaufort County’s population has been at least partially vaccinated, and 31.2% of the population has been fully vaccinated. Nearly 80% of the county’s population over the age of 65 has been at least partially vaccinated. That age group has accounted for 82 of the county’s COVID-19 related deaths.

To schedule a vaccination appointment with the health department, call 252-940-6150 or visit the county’s public health website.