Write Again…They were young and hopeful

Published 11:52 am Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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In perusing old newspaper clippings when I was preparing to write about the Tulip Festivals, I ran across a single column piece titled “Seniors Selected Superlatives,” with a drop head of  “Graduating Class Busy As School Year Begins Drawing to a Close.”  (Washington High School)

Let me share a bit of that with you now.

“With but shortly over a month of the 1937-38 school term remaining seniors in the high school here yesterday selected superlatives for the graduating class.  In addition, marshals for the coming graduation were also named.

“School activity is swinging into its closing phases and plans for the multitude of activities which surround Commencement are busily in the making. . .”

Let me, now, share with you the names of the superlatives and marshals:

  • Most Intelligent:  Tad Larkin, Leoma Jones.
  • Most Popular:  Tad Larkin, Rita Thompson.
  • Best Dancers:  Hugh Phelps, Mutter Weston.
  • Most Capable:  Tad Larkin, Leoma Jones.
  • Most Talented:  Tad Larkin, Mary Hamilton
  • Most Studious:  Nelson Jennette, Leoma Jones.
  • Cutest:  Max Roebuck, Rita Thompson.
  • Most Indifferent:  Albert Meekins, Sarah Paul.
  • Best Citizen:  Tad Larkin, Leoma Jones.
  • Most Stylish:  Ed Lee Thompson, Elizabeth Winfield.
  • Most Dependable:  Nelson Jennette, Leoma Jones.
  • Most Original:  Hugh Phelps, Violet Meekins.
  • Friendliest:  Fred Moore, Lucille Cutchin.
  • Most Talkative:  Frank Hope, Catherine Webb.
  • Most Versatile:  Tad Larkin, Florence Tripp.
  • Best Leader:  Tad Larkin, Florence Tripp.
  • Most Musical:  Tad Larkin, Mary Hamilton.
  • Wittiest:  Frank Hope, Emily Carter Warren.
  • Most Loyal:  Nelson Jennette, Leoma Jones.

“Juniors honors were also in line yesterday as seniors selected marshals for the ’38 season:

“Chief Marshal:  Eugene Martin; John Bonner, Donald Perry, Victor Shelburne, Norwood Robinson, Wilbur Alligood, Edna Dillard, Bessie Jones, Norma Hodges, Mickey Larkin, Elizabeth Browning.

“Sponsor:  Pat Tankard;  Mascot:  Sandy Jennette Jr.”

All of that, friends, was 83 years ago.

They grew up, mostly, during the Great Depression.  

World War II lay ahead, drawing inexorably closer, as they each soon stepped into an unknown future, bringing with them their hopes and dreams.