Belhaven Town Council to hear sustainable economic development recommendations

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, June 3, 2021

From the town of Belhaven 

On Monday, June 7 the Belhaven Town Council and the public will hear recommendations that have been a year in the making.   During the strain of a pandemic, the Town partnered with Construction Professionals Network Institutes, Inc. (CPNI) and NC Growth to explore future opportunities.

In October 2020, CPNI and NC Growth facilitated a two-day workshop to discuss the challenges and opportunities Belhaven faces. On Monday, representatives from CPNI will share the report that highlights the major themes and recommendations resulting from the two-day workshop.

Overall, CPNI and NC Growth believe that by engaging in long-term planning, diversifying the economy, and enhancing the sense of community, Belhaven can create a sustainable and long-term plan for its community that focuses on good jobs and equitable opportunities for all its residents while remaining an intracoastal waterway destination.

The Construction Professionals Network Institute, Inc. (CPNI) is a non-profit initiative focusing on construction industry-related projects and community service throughout the State of North Carolina. CPNI volunteers its members’ design and construction industry expertise as a catalyst to empower communities across North Carolina to improve their physical and economic environment. CPNI offers the comprehensive professional and technical expertise of its membership and collaborating partners in the form of workshops tailored to assist communities and engage local governments and community leaders to facilitate discussions and efforts toward redevelopment strategy, community engagement, visioning, and financial considerations. 

NCGrowth-SmartUp is an award-winning applied economic development university center with a goal of directly addressing inequality, poverty, underemployment and other factors that keep people and communities from reaching their greatest potential. NCGrowth’s team includes expert staff across the Carolinas, academic advisors from multiple universities and hundreds of local partners. Together we are transforming communities by (1) providing technical support to promising businesses so they can grow, hire more people, and create wealth; (2) helping towns/counties/tribes create robust local economies with equitable opportunities for residents; and (3) providing policymakers across the U.S. the tools to learn how to achieve success. Learn more at

This work is supported by the Economic Development Administration and the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise. 

The Belhaven Town Council will meet on Monday, June 7, 2021 at 6PM for a special called meeting and public hearing for the proposed 2021-2022 budget and to hear the report from CPNI.  The meeting will be held at the Belhaven Civic Center at 257 W. Pungo Street, Belhaven.